Yamaha FZ-S Launched

Riding the grand success of its muscular and hottest-looking bike FZ16 while shattering all cliches in biking, Yamaha has introduced the Stylish Macho Street Fighter – Yamaha FZ-S in India

FZ-S highlights the style quotient and has more flesh to flaunt with purely European international design like new colours & graphics, aerodynamic chiseled windshield, stylish & sporty carbon pattern meter consol, and more aggressive looking headlight. The new FZ-S is for stylish and attention seeking Macho man.

FZ-S scores high in looks not only in its segment but beyond and is designed to satiate the need for style and fashion by riders. Etched with style and geared to today’s fashion conscious customers, FZ-S is a fusion of machismo and fashion.

Yamaha FZ-S Photo

FZ-S overflows with dynamism and originality. The running performance brims with thrust that overpowers all others with its unprecedented torque. Dubbed as “Lord of the Streets,” FZ-S is designed and engineered with the potential for active and even aggressive enjoyment of around-town street riding and styling that brings pride of ownership and makes any rider look like they own the road.

Yamaha FZS Photo

With the Triple Macho concept projecting the Muscular silhouette, muscular body parts and muscular chassis, FZ -S is an object de’art on the street and reflects visual expression of performance.

Wallpapers of Yamaha FZ-S

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  1. Arun

    Wish to see more real bikes from Yamaha

    • Kuldeep

      can we have a rear disk breaks in FZ – S

      • prashant

        no disk break are not avail in fz-s only front

    • abc

      Hero Honda Splendor plus is the best bike and neither FZ 21and nor FZ s can be better than that so its my sincere advice to all the readers that please don’t bye FZ s.
      It will be worth for u even if bye a Bajaj Platina.

      You know these Yamaha people had got no work so they are coming with these useless bikes like earlier RX’s and now FX’s.

      Be a Proud Indian …..Desh ki Dhadkan HERO HONDA AND BAJAJ.

      • luckyguy

        hi guys,
        i have purchased a brand new FZ-S on 3rd may and belive me the bike totaly rocks i have driven all the cool bikes like karizma ,r15,p220 but i was really impressed with this performance and stunning looke and the black&yellow looks great on fzs
        few people

      • luckyguy

        hi guys,
        i have purchased a brand new FZ-S on 3rd may and belive me the bike totaly rocks i have driven all the cool bikes like karizma ,r15, but i was really impressed with this performance and stunning looks and the black&yellow looks great on my fz-s
        (***few people have reviwed that better buy a splendor or platina or have reviwed great heights of stupidity i tell u they dont have the taste to drive bikes or they must be having finincial problems*** )
        Guys the bike is great and simply amazing, i recommend you to buy this awesome machine

      • kush desai

        you dont know any thing about YAMAHA FZ and you haye on right to say this peoples like that thus is the best bike i had seen the model is supereb and engint is best of all of your bajaj and all that other brands . if i am wrong eMail me now OK you stupid.

        from kush desai

      • def

        tu lelae fr splendor…
        logo ka dimag na kharab kr….
        b*** ma**…..

      • anon

        madarchod saala….

      • kk

        @abc-it’s so stupid to compare splendor plus wid fzs…coz splndor + falls in diff.segment of bikes dat is its a 110cc or may b 115cc segment bike…bt its a 150cc segment bike….so dnt cmpare it wid 110-125cc segment bikes….if u want it 2 compare den d bikes r as follows-tvs apache rtr,pulsar 150,herohonda xtreme…etc…don’t comment dat typ of above bullshit again…and in my opinion fzs is d evrbst in looks,power nd fuel efficient in 150cc segment….so always buy yamaha byks….YES YAMAHA….

    • jitesh jain

      it is very nice

  2. Ace

    I don’t c any performance updates on the already lacking in performance FZ.. Hope to c some raw bhp like the classic RD 350

    • Arun

      Exactly. Wish to see more real superbikes from Yamaha

      • Abhi

        Yeah Rt.. like u guys are ready to buy an R1. be happy with what u go n see if u have the balls to own one

      • Abhi

        Yeah Rt.. like u guys are ready to buy an R1. be happy with what u got n see if u have the balls to own one

        • shahzad

          I think tuning the FZ would yield gr8 results! Its supposed to be tuned for midrange performance.

          looks-wise the FZ is gr8 n also in handling n braking.

        • kk

          i agree ur cmmnt dat u did 2 dat people….
          @above peopls-go on try sum R!,HAYABUSHA,NINJA etc….i thnk soon u’ll have all d parts of ur byk in ur hand due 2 d favour done by indian roads….lol

    • Akshay

      Dudes!… You guys are forgetting about market state and situation… I would love to see massive bikes from them but think about the run in cost and maintanence.. more over… fuel aint selling like water right now… i think anything up to a 200cc is ample.. and the FZ16 and the FZ-S cater to this beautifully.. I dont see myself using a 1000cc in India.. neither we have the roads.. and nor do all of us have rich daddy’s..

  3. Chris

    This bike should atleast have 250cc and 18bhp,changingthe color and graphics does not make it different,should be different In terms of engine capacity to beat others.DONT UNDERSTAND WHY YAMAHA IS PLAYING WITH SMALL ENGINE CAPACITY.

    • Akshay

      Better answering that… try to do what Bajaj has done… have a bike from like 150cc all the way up to 220cc.. it caters to a wider range of people

  4. pravin

    There is nothing new as compare to FZ 16 except look, color and headlight. Even FZ 16 looks very sporty than FZs.I expect something 180cc, 6 gear box etc..,

  5. shankar

    u must display bike price, back wheel is looking open, this is not sut for indian roads and rain seasion its given problem

  6. shankar

    give back wheel cover,because rain time back seater dress will be dammeged

  7. shankar


  8. gibinbaby

    there is lot of problems in fz 16. there is a knocking sound in engine.the problem is not only for my bike some other guys are also have the same.i have complianed it to the near by showroom but there is respones from them.

  9. SHABU


    • maaz

      best off the bike is FZS to good
      n i like theis bike
      parfo mans is god
      but is only 150cc
      pekap is god
      tayer is the best of bike
      i like tayer n tuablis
      total parfomanse bike
      n camper to ather bike samtheing TVS . pulser 150. pulser 180.
      I LOVE FZS & R15

  10. r kumar

    the FZ S Fisses out..FZ 16 is cooler….atlest up grade the engine performence!!!…atleast 2 250 or 300…rem the RD350….has YAMAHA forgotten !!??

  11. Chris

    I think Yamaha should start making toys now because it is playing with small 150cc engines where 20yrs before it came out with a mind blowing sexy bike RD350 then the RX after that all f**ked up bikes.Come on u guys at Yamaha what the hell are u doing in the R&D and the marketing people.

    • kk

      i think ur dad is a millionaire….go on dere r many yamaha byks above 1000cc try dat….i think u can afford d petrol price,road taxs,maintainance chargs ndd most important d beautiful condition of indian roads dat will make u nd byk fly….lol

  12. Srini

    This bike from yamaha lacks power… we are in freaking 21st century and still talking about freaking 14 bhp to 18 bhp.. grow up people… aim at a sports bike …these bikes from yamaha sucks big time…

    • kk

      @srini-commn people want a fuel efficient,average pwr nd gud luking byks not high pwr nd high cc wid low fuel efficiency coz u knw d petrol price in india nd hav an idea bout d cndtions of indian roads nd d road taxs….so i thnk d comment did by u is vry absurd….bt it will meaningfull if u or ur dad has many petrol pump….lol

  13. Amos

    Give back wheel cover,because at rain time back seater dress will be dammaged.There is nothing new as compare to FZ 16 except look, color and headlight. Even FZ 16 looks very sporty than FZS.I expect something 200cc, 6 gear box n rear disk.

  14. Kamal Sharma

    Looks good, but same should come in higher CC i mean 200+ and bikes looks not so comfortable….

  15. SiD

    Here I see people screaming upgrade CC , RD 350 and all that..I assume that they know a little or probably little about the motorcycles and the marketing game Yamaha is playing here to perfection.

    First of all who is the target customer?
    The executive biking segment who needs a perfect balance of power,style,comfort and a decent mileage at good prize (as per the Indian 2 wheeler market standards)

    The FZ16/S Wins hands down in all the perquisites of this class and even take the scale to a new height with its amazing craftsmanship and superbly refined technology (not any 150CC or 180CC bike present in the Indian market comes close to the FZ16 in terms of build quality)

    . They are targeting one the fastest growing market segment (150-180) which is high volume and is presently dominated by Pulsar which in comparison to FZ16… well lets say Pulsar just wouldn’t be comfortable or wud be rather frustrated in the presence of FZ16/S

    So instead of going for the too much higher power segment they are playing the cards sensible and to perfection…and they already do have another 150CC (R1-5) which outperforms the 220CC Pulsar and 225CC Karizma!!! (And guys, CC is not the only parameter of the performance of a machine- the R1-5 has proven that already)

    I can only laugh at guys who say that my bikes is 220 CC but R1-5 is just 150 CC so it cant perform as good as mine…well dude the extra 70 CC of your 220 CC bike is a waste!!!……..
    Both the new Yamaha machines FZ16/s and R1-5 both are in a league of its own…don’t even dare to compare those to any machines of same class present in the Indian bike market now..

    • liaquat

      i totally agree with u Sid. these guys who r talking about rd350 and more cc either don’t know about indian roads or anything about biking. and even if company launches a bike with more powerful engine then how many of us is going to buy because the price will go beyond our budget. To be very practical how many of us have gone beyond the speed limit of 120-130kmph.
      I don’t think anyone. So with the extra cc we r obviously going to loose one thing and that is mileage. Those people sitting in Yamaha are not fools like u guys who crave for ccs….

  16. VIJAY

    hi, happy to c d fzS. but i think yamaha took too much time to launch this beast after so many routine type bikes. What youth like us expects is, prototype of R1. Hope that day will come soon.

  17. VIJAY

    y dont d company start d production of yamaha R1’s in india itself , so that v can get the bike in its original price rather than paying huge taxes for importing it from outside. There is enough market in india too. Hope these things will taken into consideration by the yamaha management.

  18. VIJAY

    Y A M A H A R1, thats what indian Youth dream n chant.

    • kk

      yeah it covrs evrythng xcept it’s back…frm rear it’s wheel jst luks lyk a cycle tyre nd a vry bad tail light….yamaha fz covers allovr…

  19. imran khan

    hi, happy to c d fzS. but i think yamaha took too much time to launch this beast after so many routine type bikes. What youth like us expects is, prototype of R1. Hope that day will come soon.


    • DImitra

      U r right bout max. speed. All these sluts ‘bove will fuck themselves above 120 kph. Takin bout R1 , First cum urself and see how much u have 1 ml or 0.5. HAH

  20. DOD

    The guys who r crazy abt the engine upgrades hav forgotten dat if YAMAHA introduces a high displacement engine along with more power,6 speed gear-box etc.,itz price will go up n a very few can afford 2 buy dat bike. YAMAHA has already given a choice of high end bike in Indian market,the R15 but the popularity of FZ is much more than R15 becoz of its feature n looks:price ratio. so,all the high end ENGINE freaks out there,stop ur dis mundane craze coz u may afford 2 buy a byk worth in lacs but every1 cant. So,keep rockin wid YAMMIE’s FZ-S n b satisfied….!!

  21. siddh

    you shut the f**k up you f***ing clowns .What the f*** do you know about bikes.Stick to your 90CC mopheds. You f***ing dumb idiots

  22. Indian notty

    U f***ing morons! argue wid each other on d net.i think non of these guyz hav a yamaha bike.
    Go n argue wid ur momma on those weird subjects.

    • Abhi

      these dumb f***s got no balls to ride a YAM.. but got the slimy mouth to talk shit.. guys u r fit to lick balls not ride yamaha bikes..a**oles

  23. archit

    i dnt think most of u cant evn appreciate the beauty of d thing.
    We are talking bout a 150 cc bike here…if u find a flaw in it compared to other bikes with 150 cc please mention here as sm ppl did nicely
    dnt compare it with other bikes above 200 cc which atleast half of the potential customers dnt evn go for buying in our country.
    but yeh in 150 cc i feel its a good bike with good specs and really very macho looks. had seen all bikes upto 180 cc and found this one to b the most attractive one in riding and show. thatz all..
    sorry if anyone got hurt by my views…thanx buddies

  24. TT

    is it available in all over india?

  25. Sanish

    Hi guys!

    Guys who need bike with 125 – 150 cc pls go for FZs.

    Guys who r looking for 180- 250 & above
    pls go for RE TBTS its just cost u Rs.1.06 lac (350 cc with 20 bhp & milege 35-40 kmpl) “ITS MAN’S BIKE N NOT KIDS TOY”

  26. rahul ranjan

    totally bakwas,done kanjussi , harami kind of light,cylencer like my foot,totally unluckey for me,on my first ride i falled from it

    • DImitra

      You asshole you dont know how to drive and you are blaming the bike. Next time u fucking moron drive a HATHTHELA. U IDIOT

    • nann

      U need to learn two things, Bike riding and English 😛

  27. Gaurav

    Hey dudde its superb bike yaar…….
    evrythng iz fine yaar but u do more works on headlight okkkk

  28. Yam fan

    To me fz16 luks better than dis one ‘fzs’

    • kk

      u r right…i agree with u

  29. gaurav

    a very cute bike from yamaha

  30. dom

    of course cc does matter, but bhp is teh thing tht matters more, i dont think we should grumble about the bike’s power, if thy lanch super bike status things, the price’s too gonna be high, n of course indian’s will think 5 times before investing so much money into a single bike,also driving conditions and fuel economy matters more to us sometimes. so whichever company it is honda, yamaha,suzuki or anything thy take this point into consideration 1st. of course if u want power n style thr is R1 (not R15 of course)..but shell out a million for tht..anyone game for it?

  31. sagar

    FZ 16 is the better one as campared with FZ S , as i ride the one FZ16 is more stylish in looks than the new one also the flap covering the tachometer looks very occkward yaar & in formals it will be jokky to ride FZ S if you are looking for FZ than go forFZ16 that’s the better one……

  32. sudhirz

    der aye durust aye . ultimate looks ……………..

  33. Diw

    hey whats the difference in terms of price for fzs and fz16 in bangalore

  34. Subhodip

    Hey! i love this monster, it look awesome.

  35. sabeer

    the fact is not abt higher cc or any other thng yamaha

  36. Faiz

    I think fz-s looks much better in the flesh than in photos. I went to the showroom recently and got to compare fz16 and fzs. The yellow streak simply rocks. Attention to detail is what got me. The silver side parts of the fz16 has been changed to all black and the yellow tyre rims look sexier than a woman’s legs! Performance wise r15 still is the best. but the rear looks too drab and the thin rear tyres are a definite deal breaker for me. U got to love the massive rear tyre of the fzs. Mrf had those specially made for this bike. This bike is all about biceps bulging threateningly to pop out of a tight tee shirt. Mid range performance means that for the city ride its the best. like somebody mentioned b4 me how many of you are going to ride above 100kmph on a daily basis? Mil,eage is decent. Ideal for the youth with a limited budget. My only complants are the riding position(not sporty enough) and the number plate in the front resides on the visor. Easily solvable. Read low handle bar and no number plate!(at the risk of a fine). Add a split seat of the stunner or pulsar 200 whichever fits. Then we are talking about a serious looker here!!!! 😀

  37. Dibis

    The Visor Added really looks so Dumb and only changing the colors will not do it Guys common increase some cc and see it really Ruling The Streets…

  38. karthik

    YAMAHA FZ-S is the most sexiest bike in india

  39. saleem

    Hi Guys,
    I just got the Yamaha FZS and it rocks!!!,
    Amazing pickup and handling,very steady on the highway and On FZS I’m always ahead,this beauty has very strong build quality and Yamaha this time has been very cautious in making this amazing machine and taken every possible step to ensure to its quality.
    When FZ16 was released I was not very impressed by the looks I had to wait for FZS to launch with all the necessary modification as FZ16 was lacking the front look and looked incomplete,now FZS looks more complete and very well designed with its new ‘Yellow Streak’ colour it looks stunningly beautiful when on road,

  40. Raja

    I feel proud to say that I own the ” Lord of the Streets” bike. I purchased FZ16 by March, 2009. I was thinking twice to choose between R15 and Fz16, but finaly Fz16 won my heart. The bike rocks and it is excellent to drive that in Chennai streets. The wide handle bar makes me feel comfortable while doing twists and turns in front of girls. The rear 140mm tyre breaks even a hard stone with a loud noise. Its 100% guarantee that people in the street will have a glance at this bike. Until today i have come acrossed 50odd people asking me for the bike as an Imported model. I wil just smile when they ask me that. So, understand the Impact of this YAMAHA product. The bike seat is really an added advantage, i usualy sit in the rear portion and drive this monster, which gives me a sporty experience. the only thing that u need to hide from others is your bike’s looks when it is unattended (possibility of being stolen is also 100%). Finally, I m not here to compare other bikes because they are not. I just call them as motor cylces.

    • RAJ


      I Agree with you , Its not motor cycle its a monster,

  41. munish sharma

    this bike is very good . i have this bike .i love this bike,

  42. Joe

    Hi dudes.. Can u plz tell me abt the Milage for FZ-S

  43. RAJ

    Hi Guys,

    I got YAMAHA FZS and its Amazing bike

    Trust me guys i had been to HIMALAYA in my bike and did not face problem,
    good mileage , road grip and style, This was my 2nd trip to HIMALAYA , I Really enjoyed with this bike , I guess people can afford for this rather going for imported one , People have wrong info about this bike , Go for it and enjoy happy ride.

  44. mrinal

    i own the fzs, this is my 1st bike.. i was blown by the looks of it.. i was sure that if i cant afford a superbike i rather buy a bike which atleast looks good.. i felt the power on it a lil low.. i wishes the fzs had the R!5 engine in it.. now that would be a perfect match.. i was going to buy the R15 but i saw thee puiny rear tyre n the cheaply copied R1 fering, not worth it.. its noting even close to the looks of the R1..
    what i really want to know is can u tune up bikes.. like what can i do to improve the performance of FZs?/ i got very lil knowledge about bike mods.. (now car would be another thing)

  45. mrinal

    btw.. guys who own the FZs plz remove the visor.. the bike looks like a peacock.. n remove the saree guard if ur mom or aunt gonna sit on it(to show off the mono susspension).

  46. Titas

    this is a cool bike with minimal reqiurements
    whats the price

  47. Puneet

    SID is absoulutely right. I have bought Yamaha FZ-S on 21-05-09. This is an awsome machine and this is exactly what todays youth want. I have tried all the bikes of this segment and now i can say proudly no one can touch yamaha FZ-S.

  48. Sanki

    Wow its just a trill to ride a bike of this caliber…
    yamaha have shown what they are in India…
    expect 250 cc machines soon….

  49. my dream bike which is introduced only YAMAHA

    YAMAHA which is the only one of the best company in the bike
    they are introduced YAMAHA fz-s which is the best bike with resonable price and i want this bike


    cool really really cool believe me as I have one.
    & my friend have also one………………

  51. avinov

    fz-s is the BIKE that u r for.we the youngester like its external design(spory look).

  52. avinov

    fz-s is the bike that the youngester wants..

  53. gopivista

    FZ-S is the bike simply called “Lord of the Street”. I am going to buy next week. Can i know the mileage plz……

    • rajesh

      hye gopiivista fz-s is the bike for youngster and its outer apperences is rocking but the company says that its mileage is 35 around but it gives less than that.Riders are also complaining about its engine and other problems.so overall it is not good enough to buy that bike

      • suhail

        sir i hv to buy a bike a day after tomarrow,sir cn u plz tell me should i buy pulsar 180 new model or yamaha fzs

  54. srivishnu

    its really awesome…could somebody tell me wats d exact mileage???

    • Vivek


      FZ-S Gives max 45km\l mileage

  55. srivishnu

    ITS a great pleasure 2 have this bikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……………..

    • charan

      neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bondhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wasteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mohammmmmmmmmmmmmm naaaaaaaaaaaa ………………………..

  56. RAM

    good better and the best

  57. rocky

    its simply muscular

  58. vijay

    great look with a sporty style
    i have an dream to buy it

  59. vijay


  60. rajarathour

    fgh is biwtyful bike

  61. vijay

    not a bike its a RED DEVILLLLLLLLLL

  62. gopivista

    Hi brought my FZ-S 3 weeks before. Its very honor to be a owner of Yamaha Bike, till now i drove 525 KM but i fueled for 800 Rs/-. I am waiting for my First Service, really its hold a broad tier……….

  63. V.J.


  64. roopesh

    hi i hav puchased fz-s just 5 days before and suffering appro.4 problem b\n this period. i agree with my other frnd that Its very honor to be a owner of Yamaha Bike same waiting 4 my service, but overall this is a sexy bike

  65. viswanathan

    FZS so simply bike,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    I hav puchased FZS just 8 days before

    nice bikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  66. amit

    realyyyyyyyyy…………..it’s a nice bike
    i wana buy it but prize so highhhhhhhhhhhhh…………………….yesterday i went 2 yamaha sowrum ……………………

    realy bike is stlish & 4 dude’s only

  67. adisim

    simply awesome bike of us means of mine and of only my beutiful wife.we were d first to buy ths bike

  68. Ghanshyam

    Reallllllly Stunning BIKE……

    Every One wants it 2 drive…………

    Realllllllll coooooooooooooolllllllllllleeeest One

    i’m driving it from 3rd Sept. 2009

    i give it 10/10

  69. anoop mahato

    fz-s is nice bike

  70. Rider

    red devil kadura saala aadhi padda pichipuku bike ra modda gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  71. Rider

    fz bike is waste. yamaha new fazer is sexy bikeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ra saalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  72. Rohit

    Salla fz 5 to rx100 ka bhi baap hai

    • rahul

      fazer is dabba bike fzs is god to fazer

  73. Manojmann

    fz byke is great bcoz yamaha copney is launch funkydude byke musttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  74. Manojmann

    lookink nice yaar kya byke bnayi saala ekdum aar paar gazabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb……….ekdm raapchik dh dhna

  75. Manojmann

    kal ka kal hi purchaced krta hu bt my father is not allow bcoz already mere paass pulsar h isliye wrna kay baat h fz ki nice naaa sexy looking ldki ko impress krne pe 2min lgna h……………

  76. abhinandan

    it is very boring and ugly bike…..
    those persons who say like that are most dumbs…….
    as this is a very fantastic bike, so i luv this frequentlyyyy……………..

  77. karthickprakash

    FZS is very nice bike..
    I hav puchased FZS just 12 days before

    FZS it’s really very very great..

  78. chetan

    i hav purchaesd bike just 5 days bfor.i drive it at full throotle wat a controllin but also ma frnd lost his life.wat a cooooooooooooooool bike

  79. nandish

    i want to buy the bike pls tell me plus and minus of mileage and other things.

  80. ariFin

    how can i express my openion, i just want to asy i need this one.

  81. sahed

    fz s is very good bike more power and it is naked bike in test drive we get 53 milage in simple drivig not stunt

  82. alok asthana

    lord of the road with sexy look

  83. jason

    fz-s a macho street racer!!!

  84. Roger

    This is wat i call a bike… Musclar power machine

  85. sarvesh phougat

    Happy New Year 2010
    Mr. Yukimine Tsuji
    CEO-MD (IYM)

    Mr. Yukimine Tsuji and all Yamaha family congratulation and many happy new year 2010.
    My name is sarvesh phougat . sir I am writing this letter with very hopefully and heart-stirring. Write every word is to heart-stirring .Sir I like Yamaha motor . I have no words that how Yamaha is great . sir pls. read it .
    My wish is yamaha go for 1st position in India. Yamaha is discover different search every trade as engineering style strongest than other manufacturer around the world. We saws many bikes . all bikes look like same . but Yamaha shows very different image and good work than others. Yamaha is top class manufacturer in the world. In India Yamaha is many success endeavor as rd 350 Rx 100 ,135 etc . and great technology as ais, yeis ytps.
    After join IYM . iym is turn for new success . sir your work is very positive , best remarkableing work for India. Sir hope on you and iym will introduce new bikes in India and many bike will launch all iym bikes will different each other. Sir hope you will introduce new technology in iym in 2010 . my pray to god that Yamaha go for success. Sir pls. do some improvement according people and write my views , comment pls. read them.
    All Yamaha family/all of you
    All IYM family / factory/ team — happy new year all of you 2010.
    Dear sir .
    Sir your new bike fz series and r15 is very good and powerful and amazing different than other Indian bikes .hope you will launch new bikes , technologies in 2010 . in 2008,2009 your work is very remarkableing . you prove in Indian market that iym is solid , best and known own different work style .
    All of you my ‘namaste’ and happy new year
    Dear sirs
    Sir I writing this letter with great hope and with heartly pls. read my letter and think about my letter and pls. passout it to Mr. Yukimine Tsuji and IYM bike design team.

    Subject =1.YZF R125 2. YZF R15 3.Gladiator 165 4. Scorpio 5.Dirt bike for India 6.adivertisement \broadcast 7.FZ series 8. BS Carburetor 9.R 125 , R15 engine unit in India.
    All these bikes great and powerful and looks very attractive wonder of amazing engineering . we can see that all bikes of Yamaha bikes is very powerful , stylish , sexy macho and big looking in all 125cc to 250cc bikes. So sir I request you pls. think about my letter and all bikes pls. launch in India soon.
    (1)YZF R125 à yes —its right choice
    This bike is very sporty and sexier than other 125 cc segment. Best bike for India in 125cc class. R125 is king of kings.
    pls. give a suitable price. Yamaha should make own — aim should — sports bike for everyone {otherhand as tata did true dream for of car -the people car Nano } . pls. launch this bike for India and true this dream for people.
    (2) YZF-R15à very nice bike and powerful than other 150cc bikes. R15 did change the climate of 150 cc bikes segment .other bikes maker are thinking and says each other . what is this? We were not think in dream — Yamaha will do this also.
    Pls. do some improvement in r15 according to peoples.
    rear and front tyres should wide .
    sporty rear mudguard as like -r6
    strong horn, stylish seat, new footrest guard, long wheelbase.
    (3.) Gladiator 165 cc à mixture of sport, naked and so street bike look. Here all people can see Yamaha gladiator 165 cc bike is very different engineering than other 150 to 180 cc bikes. This bike is prove that gladiator 165 make for India .its look very amazing so different style than others, eye catching cowl ,under -seat- exhust, today (no any bike maker use this technique ) beside Yamaha .
    Gladiator 165 shows have many features than other bikes.
    its 165 cc engine with (YTPS) good air cooled, shock absourer shockers ,wide tyres ,sporty handlebar, aluminium (light weight) stylish chasie and many much more than others 150 cc bikes.
    pls. IYM launch this bike in India and introduce to people.
    (4.) Scorpio 250cc fox-edition à sir very good bike in 250 cc air cooled bikes. Its look very stylish and heart touch. Iym pls. set a engine of 150 or 200cc in scorpio -fox —edition and launch in India.
    Hey. Great bike maker Yamaha. Show your power and shows to all bike maker that Yamaha is a bike world .till pls. welcome iym come with scorpio —fox-edition in 150 or 200cc bike.
    (5.) Dirt bikeà (make all accoseries throw IYM)till price should suitable.iym should make 125 to 150 cc dirt bike for in India. Like WR-125 , vixion -150 ,TTR 125, YZ-125. Yamaha’s dirt bike is very popular around the world and open a new chapter of dirt bike in India n show your technologies to people.
    (6.) for broadcast = make dvd’s.
    1= in dvd’s yamaha’s plant , forn bike about yamaha ,yamaha’s history, yamaha’s present models and important tips for custemers.
    1 cap ,1 t-shirt 1.yamaha calander and one this video dvd = all item should free every yamaha’s model. Till everywhere
    Show Yamaha, Yamaha, Yamaha……
    (7.) Fazer —-> now your new launch Fazer is very beautiful bike . its my pleasure that i like yamaha motor. yamaha motor is incredible. the fazer make those people who wish and saw a dream for a sport and stylish bike. this is golden chance everyone. who people have dreams for sports bike but can’t not buy a sport bike. but yamaha true this dream. sports bikes is so costly but yamaha change this situation . now Fazer comes with sports naked,like a true friend. fazer will run everywhere as well as town city bad dig roads and make for rally.the fazer is beyond any think and limit . the fazer is boy of yamaha -art of engineering. sir i request to
    (IYM) pls. do low price and give a suitable price till dream bike fazer surpass other bike as like pulsar 150,180 and aapche160 ,180 etc.
    Fz series à pls. do some improvement according to people.
    1.1-2 new colors. pls. low price.
    2.rear disc brake.
    3.new strong type horn.4.engine plastic cover
    5.pls change rear footrest make as like fz-1 footrest
    6.sporty hadle bar
    (8.) will Yamaha improvement in YTPS and BS Carburetor à some questions-
    Will Yamaha come with fuel- Enjected technologly for nidia by 2010. will yamaha come with new bike 100 to125 cc with fuel- injection bike 2010. will yamaha come with 100 to 125 cc with more milage .2010
    (9) YZF- R125 AND R-15 engine unit and assambley. à
    Sir pls. make engine of r125 and r15 in India and cut price of these bikes and make 100% engine accessary of r125 and r15 build in India than indonasia.
    Happy new year 2010 IYM and Yamaha family
    Sir. Pls. read my letter and think about my letter and passout to mr. Yukimini Tsuji and bike designing team.
    Thanks all of you and iYM.
    Poem in hindi for great yamaha and yamaha family and all of yamaha lovers.
    For R15 , FZ 160

    1 . Wo thi kal ki baat .
    Ho chuki hai jo purani.
    Aao kare suruat nai.
    Hai bhrosemand purana sathi wahi .
    Yamaha ne thani hai .
    Nai dosto ke saath hai aye.
    R 15 , FZ 160 se koi karega kya muqabla .
    Oro ne pehle hi sikast hai mani .
    Yamaha ne hai mana .
    Jurorat hai nai prayaso ki .
    Aaj garv hai , mujhe .
    Kyu pasand hai Yamaha mujhe .
    Pehle kabhi na mili , kisi aur or mai aise .
    Dekhne ko khubsurati .
    Socha na tha kabhi kisi ne .
    Yo Yamaha ne bdal di .
    Bike bazar ki kaya .

    2. Yamaha Yamaha Yamaha.
    Dekho na tujhe .
    Kaise aaye chen mujhe .
    Lajwaab ho tum itni .
    Kehne ko sabd mere pass nahi.
    Banane walo ne tujhe kya khob banya racha .
    Tere jaisa koi aur na duja .
    In lambi sadko ka taj ho tum .
    Shakti santulan aur khobsurti .…
    Hai behphana tujme samai .
    Ogte surya ka noor ho tum .
    Yamaha in dilo ki chaht ho tum .
    Two wheeler jagat ki shaan ho tum .
    Yamaha sabse aage ,sabse tej ho tum
    Hai her dil tujh pe fida .
    Yamaha kabol karo salam mera ..

    For john Abraham and yamaha
    3. Hai Yamaha bike nirali .
    Sabse alag pehchan wali .
    Sabse sunder dikhne wali .
    Sabke dilo ko chone wali .
    Shakti aur santolan wali .
    Sabke man ko bhane wali .
    Her aakhno me basne wali .
    Kache, pake ratile , rasto ko paar karne wali .
    Yamaha ka hai percham faila .
    Her juban per naam iska .
    John , john Abraham ne hai mana .
    Yamaha ka hai apna rutba .
    John ki jaan — Yamaha .
    Tabhi to john kehta hai — yes Yamaha

    For great yamaha
    4. maine Yamaha ko
    Jab- jab dekha
    Dhop me isko
    Her bar chamkte dekha
    Jab- jab Yamaha akar rukti hai
    Tab-tab logo ki bhid ikothi hote dekha
    Maine jab- jab dekha
    Yamaha ko aage (badte) niklte dekha
    Jab-jab dekha ise
    Surksha ke liye bante dekha
    Jab- jab dekha ise
    Kache, pake ratile , rasto ko paar karte dekha
    Lajwab , bepanah , shakti ko dekha
    Suna , dekha logo ki jubani wah Yamaha
    Maine isko samay —samay per
    Nai roop nai power me dekha
    Iski behpanah gungise ko dekha
    Samay ke saath isko viksit hote dekh raha hoon
    Ate: her baar maine ise
    Sabse aage badte dekh raha hoon

    For Libero G5, Alba, YBR 106 cc bikes
    5. Ajab , gjab, nirali shan wali
    Aai dekho 106 ki bikes matwali
    106 cc ka kmal dekho dekho
    1 ltr. me 85 km chalte dekho
    173 mm ka ground clearance dekho
    Breakro ko jhukte dekho
    Iske lambe shockers dekho …
    Jo de aram ka vada
    Herani wali baat nahi
    Yamaha ki hai ye technique bhai
    Hai in 106 cc biko me khobiya baimisal
    Tabhi to hai Yamaha Alba ,YBR,Libero G5 —no samjhota bike

    With love and best wishes.
    Sarvesh phougat .

    i poem in English for all of Yamaha lovers and admirers.
    .1. Go way, go way
    Don’t stop you
    Because Yamaha with you
    Just go way, go way
    No fear without difficulty
    Go way, Go way
    Your target is front
    Goway, go way

    2. We don’t talk lie
    Truth offer’s our habit
    Build bike an solid
    Till also everybody like Yamaha
    Therefore makes truth bike
    That’s truth name is Yamaha

    3. Yamaha an bike
    bike in work
    Work in power
    Power in burning
    Burning in speed
    Speed in love
    Love in truth
    Truth in a lover friend
    Lover friend in promise
    Only promise in truth
    Truth in Yamaha
    So everybody likes Yamaha

    4. Yamaha makes own history
    As land as sky
    Yamaha says only way
    Gives love for everybody
    Strong and lovely with powerful
    Runs lakh kilometers without any fault
    It goes where even goes bad roads and hills
    That is why…
    The Yamaha is kings of bike
    Hence till runs fast everywhere
    Sarvesh phougat

    Hope all of you that you will like my poems. For any mistake I am sorry .
    Thanks all readers.
    With hope and enjoy .


    MAY 23,2010

    • Mayur Soni

      hi pratiked pls tell me , so many mans tell me that yamaha fzs is not
      puchase bcs its maintenance is very costly and not good. isn’t it??pls
      i m plan for yamaha fzs its good or not. pls tell me.

  87. engr. aziz

    i need YAMAHA R15

  88. armaan

    This bike is good for street purpose but not for speed it is lacking in its performance i have own and sell it.The Hero Honda Cbz-extreme and hunk is better than this they have more power and torque than FZS.for the New Comers who want to Buy a bike wid speed and milage i would strongly prefer them Hero Honda or they Can also buy Bajaj pulsar.

    • Mayur Soni

      Hi Armaan psl tell me why u sell yamaha fzs.
      bcs i want to plan for purchase the yamaha fzs.
      so pls do need full help.

  89. maaz

    ZFS best of india

  90. vicky j

    good looking
    indain best bike
    i love fg bike

  91. satish

    everything is best but only demerits is mileage




    i have fzs byke

  94. bharath

    i want buy yamaha fz bike u people intersted to sell ur bike email me

  95. praveen

    hey guys im planing to buy a bike around 150 cc………….
    which is best ???and economic????
    fz 16????fz s????apache?????or any other pls specify…..
    help me im running out of time

    • Sreekanth

      fz-16 & fz-s have the same engine configuration. and they give unbelievable riding comfort. fzs is a bit costlier than fz16 ( Rs.2000)

  96. eshan

    i love this baik so much.i want it.but my parents doesnt like to give me .now what can i do

  97. ASHISH


  98. kausar aHMRD


  99. prabhakar

    veeeeeeeery good………. bike

  100. jitendra pawar

    its a very cool bike yamaha fzs my bike colour was also cool that is cyber green

  101. girish sanwal

    best off the bike is FZS to good n i like theis bike
    parfo mans is god YAMAHA FZ-S is the most sexiest bike in india.

    ReplyThere is nothing new as compare to FZ 16 except look, color and headlight. Even FZ 16 looks very sporty than FZs.I expect something 180cc, 6 gear box etc..,

  102. Kiran


    • usman

      mae yahama ka fen

  103. kishan raj

    it’s toooooooooooooooooo goods

  104. chander bhan verma

    fz 16 very nice bike

  105. usman

    yamaha bike ne to sab ki watt laga di re yusuf

  106. usman

    fz s to yusuf fazer arjun aur r15 mai ho re yusuf saalaaaaaaaaaaa tore tu fz hai

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