TVS Scooty Balancing Wheels

TVS Motor Company has broadened the horizons of its TVS Scooty brand with the launch of Balancing Wheels, a unique and innovative product that can be easily fitted on to the Scooty.  “Much like the wheels that are fitted onto a toddler’s bicycle, Balancing Wheels are meant for people who do not know how to balance a two-wheeler. It is a set of additional wheels that comes as an accessory, which can be fixed on to the Scooty. It is a simple innovation that makes learning to ride a two-wheeler easy, convenient and safe,” says S Srinivas, general manager – marketing, TVS Motor Company.

Balancing Wheels, help to overcome the fear of falling that almost everyone experiences while learning to ride, thereby, making the learning process that much faster and easier. Once riders have gained confidence and can balance without the help of the additional wheels, the Balancing Wheels can be detached, Srinivas explained.

TVS Scooty  Pep Plus

The Balancing Wheels have been put through rigorous tests to ensure durability and safety for users. However, it is recommended that learners ride slowly to begin with and limit the top speed to 40 kmph. It is also advised that riders keeps within the confines of a safe area such as a complex or compound while learning and start using main roads only once fully confident of balancing their Scooty without the additional wheels.

“Over the years the Scooty brand has strongly established itself as a constant innovator and a facilitator of success. At TVS, we have constantly sought to empower and enable young women with initiatives such as the Scooty Women on Wheels (WOW) Institute,” Srininvas said. Balancing Wheels are available at all TVS dealerships across the country.

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  1. sripriya

    I heard that the balancing wheels is a failure. I am learning to ride tvs scooty. i need the balancing wheels. can i use on nearby streets where i am learning to ride. pls reply

  2. Ronnie crasto

    dear sir
    my wife is learning to ride scooty however she has problem with balancing .we are planning to buy tvs vegoos do they have a balancing wheel.

  3. kailash patil

    MY wife is learning to drive bike . She is unable to balance. Send me the suggestion

  4. Suresh babu

    Sir i am not drive a bike why because I fear the bike riding I am not balancing the bike so pls balancing wheels where do buy

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