20th Anniversary Edition Pictures of Ducati Monster M696, M796 and M1100 Evo

The 20th anniversary special edition Monster bikes of Ducati proclaims the tradition that the Italian firm is keeping up since its birth in 1993. As Ducati honours the Monster brand for its unmatched service through out years, there is precisely zero emotions to be wondered. The M696, the 796 and the M1100 Evo are the only three machines that label the 20th anniversary commemoration of the Monster series. These unleashed naked beasts, for the first time feature bronze-coloured frame, chromium-plated finish and vintage Ducati ’86 logo on the tank, grey swing arm and gold finished Brembo braking system. And this waves more protection to the Monster family to continue dictating naked bi-wheelers for some more while.

Ducati Monster 1100Evo 20th Anniversary Edition

Ducati Monster 1100Evo 20th Anniversary Edition
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