Mahindra Mojo Wallpapers

Photos of Mahindra Mojo bike

First look photos of Mahindra Mojo.

Mahindra Mojo Photo

Mahindra Mojo Photo

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  1. raja

    nice bike

  2. qasim

    excelent bike for youth

  3. abhishek

    rapchik bike

  4. sunny

    great technology…
    But disappointed with the design…

  5. asad

    Looks is great but i hope so the price is not too much higher …….. if the price is around 75 thousand thats ok but its gone upto 1 lakhs soo may be sum people buy it not everyone like R 15 yamaha

  6. AMAN

    Mojo best of £uck

  7. arun

    if honda launch cbr250 for rs.1.5 lakh ex-showroom,then who will choose mojo?

  8. JYK

    Most unimpressive bikes. The stripped down design does not go well in India. this bike will flop and will be redesigned and then relaunched. You watch my words.

  9. hamza

    nice but the price and average should also be nice it is a open bike the pic up might be ossum yar ek din de do itni whelee marunga na ke ……………………ya promotion karwalo mere se is ka

  10. AAKAR

    o$am bike 4 young$ter$

  11. Kc

    a different look…a different style

  12. Biswajit huidrom


  13. Nitesh Kumar

    Macho Bike For An Every Indian

  14. SAGAR


  15. Rakesh.S.B

    Is the bike is available in india

  16. HIMMAT


  17. deepak

    i like ur bike and iwish the test ried

  18. Rajesh

    I vud lik 2 brk tat bike………………………..

  19. binnu


  20. varsha

    nice bike.but quite disapointed about design.

  21. ramesh


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