Honda Shine 125cc is now Honda CB Shine

Honda India has upgraded its Shine 125cc to Honda CB Shine. The launch was eventually clubbed with that of upgraded Unicorn too.

It has to be noted that the Honda CB Shine is obviously not a new model and it looks like a strategy by the Honda India to just rename all its bikes as Honda CB versions.

As the prices have gone high, Honda aspires to position itself as premium bike brand in the big Indian market. Although bike lovers come to an agreement that the features Honda offer are hardly any worthy as what is called premium as compared to what is offered by its adversaries.

With that being said what are new reasons for more shine on the new Honda CB Shine?

New 3D Honda Emblem on the fuel tank
New graphics
Handle bar weights
New viscous air filter
Maintenance-free battery

The new Honda CB Shine will now be compliant with the latest emission norms that came to effect from April 01, 2010.

Design and looks of the new Honda CB Shine
The fuel tank comes with supporting knew recess and neatly chiseled. The cap is retained as in the old, chrome and the new 3D Honda wing emblem on the fuel tank gives that edge coupled with the graphics that add to the elegance.

The new handle bar weights will add to the stability during a ride and gives extra control to the rider. The mirrors are tweaked to a trendier shape and the body-colored grab rail adds to the sheen while riding.

Honda Shine

The Ergo-tec design is developed on the basis of human engineering to offer less fatigue and more comfortable seating and ride position for rider as well as pillion. The diamond-framed light weight design offers even distribution of weight on the bike and so there is extra stability and control.

Engine of the new Honda CB Shine
There is nothing new as to the power plant of the new Honda Shine. It runs on a 125cc ‘Optimax’ engine generating a power of 10.3 BHP. The Optimax Engine comes with tall gearing which is better than the previous version. The Honda claims that the Optimax is capable of generating maximum torque at low rpm, implying better pickup and mileage. As to the new Optimax engine, it is actually a 4-stroke, air-cooled and single-cylinder engine – nothing but scaled down variant of Unicorn engine. The engine takes off the bike from 0-60 km speed in 5.3 seconds.

The new viscous filter will enable to cut on the maintenance costs and Honda promises leakage-free and maintenance-free battery.

The rear tyre comes with patented tuff-up tube which is more puncture resistant. Additionally there is an option of front disc brakes which is more responsive than the conventional drum brakes. It also comes with self start option for convenient city ride.

Color choices and pricing of the new Honda CB Shine
The new Honda CB Shine comes in 5 shades:
Rebel Red Metallic
Geny Grey Metallic
Vibrant Blue Metallic
Black with red stripes
Black with grey stripes

The Delhi on-road price of the new Honda CB Shine varies according to the option chosen:
Honda CB Shine (kick start, drum brakes, spoke wheels) — Rs. 45,813
Honda CB Shine (self start, drum brakes, alloy wheels) — Rs. 50,013
Honda CB Shine (self start, disc brakes, alloy wheels) — Rs. 53,165

Last word about Honda CB Shine
With all being said, there is nothing so attractively new in the Honda CB Shine and Honda lovers will surely be disappointed with the CB Shine. It is a fake launch by Honda to re-impress the CB on all its brands; looks like.

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  1. Swarup sahu

    its amazing.i will take it soon…………..

  2. Vimal

    Whether the new Honda CB Shine bike is really an attractive and loaded with required new features ?

  3. byju mumbai

    In a major honda show room on road have to pay Rs 60300.Is it worth to pay this much for this? Disc brake with self start(but alloy wheel).Can,t they manufacture spokes wheel in disc version?What,s ur true opinion about this?And why this showroom’s taking 45 days waiting time ?Is there any other difficulties with this stuff?

  4. shine is good bike but parts r costly.

    farhan saleem like his bike-SHINE>>>>

  5. Vimal

    The new Honda CB Shine looks very nice and having a riding confort concept but overall the spare parts are very costly. Why the honda is sustained his monopoly for making available the spare parts of their segments ? This monopoly should be broke up in view of customers’ satisfaction as on the other hand the India’s largest two wheeler selling company, viz. Hero Honda gives the facility of availability of genuine spares parts with their authorised showrooms as well as in the open market also.

    (Vimal Sharma)

  6. ramashankar sharma

    Honda CB Shine is very good riding comfertable & its firing is very smooth.
    such its enjoy quality,

    No doubt its quality is very fine. Really an attractive and loaded with required new features.

    But we have paid 56,804/- without asseries (Rs. 1300)
    Total paid Rs. 58,104/-
    For Disc brake, alloy wheel with self start.

    Suggestion : Its require 5th gear for better perofmance.

    Ramashankar Sharma
    Bharuch, Gujarat.

    • suresh

      Hi….Best you can buy 150CC bikes because its too cost comparing other branded bikes.

    • suganthan

      ru using cb shine 125cc

      • Mahesh

        Yes . . . Using its pretty awesome bike

      • DJ Shreyash

        Yeah… 😉

  7. Pradeep Reddy

    Its amazing & mind blowing desing with black coated engine which is similar to Unicorn 150cc..Its definately tough competent to all two wheeler companies in India like mostly for Bajaj & Hero Honda..really itsa tough to face the challenge made by Honda in the form of New CB Shine..with its attracting Hologram.. I like its smooth performance & its equipped with BS-III norms i like it & am going to purchase in just couple of days..I proud to say am the lover of New CB Shine 125cc..its for ever..

  8. Sathish Babu

    I bought new honda cb shine black with red color. Vehicle is excellent. So smooth to drive and very relaxable. But it gives 50kmpl mileage in city. Starting pickup and running pickup is superb. As well as new cb shine look was superb and petrol tank Honda emblem makes the bike with great look equal to Unicorn. People who choose unicorn, they can choose CB shine. becas same look and less weight and good mileage in shine.

    • Nikhil

      Hello Sathish Babu
      I m also intrested to buy this bike. but i heard that after 60 speed bike vibrates a lot is this true . what do u say about that bcz ur Shine owner .plz tell me. this is one disadvantage to buy this bike?

      plz reply

      • Koushik Roy

        Honda CB Shine is excellent bike & there is no vibration problem at all. You can go ahead.


        i am using honda vibrates when i cover the spreed avobe 40.
        mo no:-9748192957

    • rajeev

      honda shine looking very nice but gear box something problem anyway i love honda cb shine

  9. Sri

    it is very nice bike…i love this bike…i will buy this bike very soon…bye

  10. Naveen

    Its my favourite bike.I will purchase this bike soon, but i need to know how much the lowest down payment.

  11. NikhiL

    Hey I like this Bike. i will buy this bike in oct2010.
    But i heard about some problem. i heard that after 60 speed bike vibrates a lot. is this true. Plz tell me. my brother sugess me pulser 135. But i like Shine.
    plz tell about vibration problem. and top speed.


    • raj

      i am disappointed with shine speed . as speedometer displays top speed of 140 kmpl the bike gets vibrating on above 40 kmpl. and it is hard to ride it on above 70 kmpl .

  12. Gopi

    I have testrided both pulsar 135cc and honda shine, i fee more comfort in shine. Also after so much surveys shine is better in all aspects than pulsar 135cc in terms of seating, maintenance and engine. So booked shine and waiting for it :).

  13. Vimal Sharma

    I have been surveying the market for the last 3 months after selling my old Hero Honda Passion (2001) and I am still very confused to compare between Honda CB Shine and Hero Honda Passion Pro (New). It is to mention here that as per my survey the Shine is very perfect in view of safe rising with power but on the other hand the Passion Pro is the best one in view of Mileage.

    Anyone can suggest me which one I should buy if I require better road performance, safe riding and better fuel mileage with service also.

    • vishwas

      I think u should go for CB shine.

    • RAYAT

      Go for Honda Shine Bro…

      If u r looking for biking in the city, there is no bike like this in 125cc segment.. More Power, More Mileage, Low Maintenance and decent looks … u can ride it for the next five years….

      If u want to bike for racing then go for any other bike above 150cc…..

      so stop comparing and go for Honda Shine …

  14. Vijay Karla

    CB Shine is an excellent bike in 125cc segment. The new version of Shine comes with improved gear ration, damping handlebar vibration at higher speeds. Delivering a mileage of 60+ with optimum pickup is the cool feature of this bike.

  15. Nikhil

    This question for New Honda CB shine owners? plz answer
    I heard about some problem. i heard that after 60 speed bike vibrates a lot. is this true. plz tell me. and what is Honda CB shine Top speed.
    and what is price of sine in mumbai.

    plz reply

    • Vinod

      Top speed 100kmph


        Mine top speed of Shine is 109kmph and of course vibration
        occurs when bike reaches 60kmph but after reaching 70 kmph
        vibration doesnt occurs upto 100kmph.

  16. vikas

    This question for New Honda CB shine owners? plz answer
    I heard about some problem. i heard that after 60 speed bike vibrates a lot. is this true. plz tell me. and what is Honda CB shine Top speed.
    and what is price of sine in mumbai.

    • RAYAT

      Go for Honda Shine Bro…

      If u r looking for biking in the city, there is no bike like this in 125cc segment.. More Power, More Mileage, Low Maintenance and decent looks … u can ride it for the next five years….

      If u want to bike for racing then go for any other bike above 150cc…..

      so stop comparing and go for Honda Shine …

  17. jeenesh

    hey nikhil i also hv the same question.
    plzzz let me knw?
    as soon as possible.

  18. shivaji

    it is a good bike to buy so make it hurry and buy quickly. i have own three bikes booking ios pending.

  19. suresh

    It is a good bike but i think its too cost comparing other branded bikes.

  20. Bhushan

    Hi friends i am survaying the 2 wheeler market from last 4 months.
    But after launching cb shine i decided to purchase the new cb shine as soon as possible

  21. samkit shah

    I am purchasing the New honda cb-shine. pls guide for me the honda shine -cb features. it is true byke speed out of 60kmpl. vibrat.

    • samkit shah

      plz reply

      • suganthan

        ru using cb shine 125cc ……… mileage

  22. samkit shah

    I have given the information cb-shine louched the new model of digital-
    miter. this information is true. plz reply me

  23. hemant

    For last three years I am using Honda Shine. This bike is a perfect bike. Engine is very smooth,but the problem of this bike are

    1.The head light (visor) is rested on only two nut-bolts. It is very heavy, since the headlight is attached to it. After a year or so, due to heaviness / or using the bike on rough roads, the visor will break. I have changed the visor twice. This is the design defect. Company should do something on this.

    2.Another problem is that battery panel is having screw, which will be rusted & will not be easily removed , if you want to remove for filling the distill water. Suggestion: Company should introduce lock system like splendor.

    3. Body graphics looks very goddy. I have seen many imported vehicle. Their graphics look stunning.

  24. Sufiyan S.Kachchi

    I am Sufiyan i bought cb shine (kick.drum,spoke) on 20/09/10 this bike run nice but i am dispappointed,When the person buy a 50000 rupees bike why company charged additional for accesaries.Like leg gard and engine gard.Thoese accesaries company should give free with bike.

  25. sohan karnal

    hi new honda shine is very good bike its drive very smoothly mileage also good and engine is very strong but chain set is weak than other bikes

  26. samkit shah

    Hey i will purchase the new honda shine cb 22/9/1991 but i am very confused beacause my brother tell me plz coating is very bad because coating is responsable the bikes colour dul this is true. coating is veary good and i will not satisfaction on your dealer behaviour and services. i have no option because surat city in two honda delear so plz plz help me
    my contact no.9638193909

  27. Somnath maji

    Yahaaaa… I am really crazy about this bike. Its look is great better than other branded 125 cc bikes. I have already taken decision….. I will buy it within a wike.

  28. Somnath maji

    Yahaaaa… I am really crazy about this bike. Its look is great better than other branded 125 cc bikes. I have already taken decision….. I will buy it within a week.

  29. jagdish

    my book on 19.10.2010 plice fast delevery

    • jagdish

      reply fast

  30. hariom meena

    I like your bike please send me jaipur ex shoroom price my email adds.

  31. hariom meena

    I like your bike please send me jaipur and kota rajasthan ex shoroom price my email adds.

  32. Sagar

    I heard that after 60 bike produce lot of vibration, is that true?

  33. Sagar

    I have alredy takea decision…. To buy these bike within the days, but some people told me that after within the months Honda launch cb shine with digital meter & 5 speed gear is that true? Plz send me reply on my email adds.

  34. satheesh

    Don’t buy Honda Shine….It has inherent gear box problem…the bike will stall in the middle of the road and very risky…

    • santanu

      yes, its true. the gear box has a design smoothness.Dont buy this byk.

  35. satheesh

    yes it has lot of vibration even after 50 itself. it also gives some strange sound after 60. My strong recommendation is not to buy this bike

  36. shridhar

    I had taken shine march 2010…Shine is smooth and good..suggested to keep vehicle avg speed around 45-50 for initial three service…
    as a result Engine keeps smooth at 70-80 speed as well after 4th service…joy to ride and very comfortable..mileage never goes below 58..
    Gives 64 mileage at 45 speed drive..
    I have installed Tcop Device which give me location information of my bike through sms to my mobile…
    Altogether i am having happy ride..

    • suganthan

      cb 125cc ha

  37. Roshan

    CB Shine is a good bike & very good shockup


    I am recived on honda cb shine date are 27.11.10.

  39. bijoy roy

    ha ha i know from local showroom that cb shine will lounche new version with digital meter. yapee!! I will buy after that lounch.

  40. bijoy roy

    they will lounch within two weeks

    • Ajith

      Mr. Bijoy Roy,

      Are you sure that new honda shine will lounch within two weeks with digital digital meter & 5 speed gear box?. Please confirm. I am also looking for same.

      thanks & regards,


  41. sandeep

    Does anyone knows what is the saddle(seat) hight of Honda CB Shine – 125 CC bike?

  42. Abhijeet

    cb shine is good bike for grate looking, no vibration 80-90 speed, avg upto 60 , good pickup, top speed 109, this allrounder bike go ahed………

    cool bike…………..

    • suganthan

      125cc ha …….. mileage

  43. Muthu

    Plzzzzz dont go with shine….there wil be some problem with this bike. if you are luck u wil get good bike or very bad

    1. After reached 40km you will get vibration.
    2 . you will not get millage above 40 kmpl.
    3. you will get gear problems.

    I am facing above problems with my vehicle. i have raised 10 complaints in the show room itself as well as honda company but not yet resolved. they are palming me. As per my advice dont go shine.

    • suganthan

      cb shine 125cc ha ur telling

  44. kundan tiwari

    hiii my HONDA SHINE is very good performance in every conditions,in between50-60 it’s gives 67 mileage $heavy pickup bike if u wil maintain in every 2000 km. its demerit is CHAIN SPOCKET $CHAIN ,5TH GEAR IS NECESSARY TO SMOOTH RIDING.

  45. Rajan

    I am regular bike rider to do long drives with better fuel factor I have taken CB shine, Let it complete around 5000+ kms, And I will do non-stop drive for 4hrs40mts Bangalore – Chennai drive, My old record is 4hrs.50minutes 330 kms non-stop drive in 100CC 4 stroke bike covering 70kms each hour on Road. If Any one Sponsors for event [ With Fuel Bill and Some Premium for Riding Gears there I am for publicity champion for bike ]
    Now Average of 65+ for 45 kmph speed drive I am getting with mix of bangalore Traffice drive.

    One have to use to gear shifting pattern to avoid gear spillage now it is not there. Depends on Driving style and Road conditions some Vibration comes then I recalled the Key Tag genetates the sound. It is at par to that of 100CC bike but you get some Extra power when you want to cut and drive in Narraw Lane that is advantage but you should practice to do that, Since Extra power may create panic to other people in the road and the vehicle is noise free one others donot know whether vehicle is nearing them or not. Be careful when you try to overtake others or use horn if required only.

  46. Aadesh singh

    is this true that now shine is cummng wd a digital metre n 5 gears…….coz i hv booked one n paid rs-30000 adv n would get the bike wd a month…….. please tell me fast……… the plain shine is nt so stilish……… d other members of my group hv pulsur 135 And 150cc and apache 160cc…….i wanted to buy dazzler bt my dad refused to buy me a 150cc bk……. so please tell me fast……. u cn sms me on my num-9832903733…….. please tell fast….. and also abt its millage if i am a rough rider.

    • saurav

      no dude do u want sporty in 125cc stunner is best n do u want a real sport bike is only APACHERTR 180CC WITHANTI LOCK BREAKING SYSTEM OR NON ABS .NO PULSAR,R15,CAN BEAT APACHE ……………………..CUZ I HAVE BOTH SHINE N APACHE

  47. vinod

    i bought my cbshine on 20.01.2011. its very smooth & comfortable……. i get mileage around 56kmpl… i like this bike

  48. DORA

    please tell me mileage of the new honda cb shine

    • sankar

      my shine milege 64

    • faisal

      My new HONDA CB shine milege 75 as i set carborater

  49. aslam

    bike is very good.

  50. Sanjay S

    I am confused btwn Passion Pro and Honda CB shine.

    Pls help which one is better in both of this bikes.

    • iil

      hi shine built quality is good compare to passion

  51. birendra pasi


  52. Swapan K Pramanick

    Recently I have taken a CB Honda Shine, It’s rebel red colour, I like best it because Shine is realy shine. I want to know how maintained it for better performance ?

  53. Danish


    I bought honda shine 15 days ago. Bike is running smooth. I would like to give few suggestions. At my home town i purchased shine 3 years. I drove it for 300 km and took only one break. The drive was very smooth. No noise in chain after so long drive.
    Advice: Dont use self start first thing in the morning or after 2,3 hours. It will spoil your battery very soon.
    Keep changing engine oil before 2000 km. One more thing try to use one petrol (not switching to xtra premium, speed, general petrol). Also dont let bike go in reserve, because petrol at the bottom of the tank may have some dust which may go into you carbeurattor.
    Dont accelerate very much after starting any time (any bike if you are using, especially in the morning).
    Try to run first few km between 40-50 km and then you can accelerate.

  54. kasthuri

    a real cruiser with a mileage of 57-60 kmpl. smooth. gets even better after the first 1000 kms

  55. Ajinkya

    I am using this bike from last 1.5 years,
    its a good city bike.

    I have notice following problems in the bike.

    1) poor wet grip for rear tyre(size 2.75 x 42) 🙁 you can fit 3×18 on same rim as i did)
    2) vibration above 60 kmph
    3) not good for highway running.

    if u r looking for a good city bike..then go for it.

    • Khan Moiz

      how much average it give now when you have fit 3×18 Tyre my friend, i also want to do this….

  56. Pradeep chennai

    Hi All,
    Honda Shine is a Nice bike . Any one can buy .. no problems.

  57. hemant khandelwal

    i purchase this bike in june -10, i like it ,very smooth in ride and comfortable.
    but in shine we need 5th gear for better speed. because this bike pick 40 km normal, 5th gear needed for run sast and smooth on long drive.

    it is good comparizon other bikes, in rate, fuel, milege according pickup.

    i ride this bike from jaipur to bharatpur 209 km regular. and jaipur to delhi via alwar. i dont have any problem

    • Khan Moiz

      i appreciate with you my friend same observation this bike need a 5th gear.

  58. Nilesh


    Being 125 CC bike, it seems it should give good mileage.
    Can any one tell me the mileage of this bike.

    • robin

      70per litter

  59. Devesh

    Dear sir,

    Please give actual price on honda cb shine. and also send finance facilities with annuam

    • SUNIL

      The on road price is around 62000 in coimbatore and The initial payment is 16000 and EMI is 2460 for 23 months

      • Sakthi

        Dear Sunil.. I want to know the finance details… bcoz, I received the quotation as follows:-

        VC = 64,500
        ACC = 4,000
        I/P 14,253
        EMI = 3200 X 23

        Is it correct?

  60. Anand

    Hi I am looking for a bike in 125cc segment. I m really confuse between Honda CB Shine and Yamaha SS125. Which one is better in performance and looks overall?

  61. kumaraswamy

    Fuel Capacity after reserved Can you tell me….

  62. rakesh

    when will luanch honda cb shine with digitalmeter??????????????

  63. ABHS

    The Honda CB Shine Is Very Nice Bike Whose Bugget Is In Range Of 50,000-62,000 It Varies According To City…
    The Mileage Of It Is In Range Of 62-70 kmpl, As Per Your Driving Skill…
    There Is No Such Problem Like Vibration At 60 kmph…

  64. gresi

    go for honda shine

  65. Rajan

    I have completed arond 6000+ kms , For Average Speed of 55 to 6o kmph in City traffic I get around 58 kmPL, The Vehicle has Extra 2 to 3 inches saddle height there in you will be put to drive in strait line , Shorter vehciel you can cut and drive, I am waiting for South India monsoon to be over there in I will do long drive around 900 kms in 2 days time, Most of the Fuel pumps donot have nozzle to fill in Air Inflate the tyres in right way

    • Rajan

      IT is with MRF Zapper FS- Y Tyres and Tube in my CB Batch of Shine. Also the HAndle Weights are Dummy one they use just plastic handle plugs. IT is better you buy After market one [ Magnet / Alloy Based from Unicorn or other vehicle and fix it ] The Electricial Switch position is ockward means Turn Indicator Switch / Horn switch should have Better ergonomics. Also The vehicle lags City light or parking light which is required. The Chain Cover has Extra Gap And Rear Swing arm There is Gap in the stiffner should be closed with help of some putty or piece of resin / Gel.

  66. vikram (chembur)

    plz change the model like sporty

  67. sarath

    Hi all,

    can you tell me how much kilometer can honda shine can run per day?

    Bcoz i want to travel from vellore to coimbatore? its around 350 km

  68. kamakhya

    pls tell me shine me digital meter hai ki nahi.

  69. SURESH R

    pls give actual price in honda shine

  70. rr pradhan

    plz give price in honda cb shine & mileage

  71. kamakhya

    honda shine mai digital hai kya rpl pls

  72. Pritom saha

    Honda shine is a very good bike fr city.this is bst bike in 125 cc segmnt….

  73. mallikarjun

    its very nice bike:)

  74. Navajish ahmad

    I’m confused i want buy. which in best cb shine/discover125 .


    when u will launch digital meter for honda shine

  76. Abhijit

    hey i want to buy honda cb shine. but really there is problem like vibration at above 60

  77. saurav

    great performance of honda cb shine great pickup,milage

  78. saurav

    my blue honda shine beat yamaha sz150,discover125,135,150,stunner125cc,n pickup it also beat the honda cbunicorn..

  79. surya

    is shine good quality bike , after lisining problems in that bike i am to take that bike so pls tell me is it good to take honda shine bike???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  80. abhishek

    what is average of shine cb 125cc

  81. Khan Moiz

    Till now i don’t know the exact average of Honda Shine, every shine gives different average.

  82. ManiMaran

    its nic bike for smooth riding not good for speed riding………….

  83. Nazeer

    I Have booked Honda Shine spokes weel with out self start, this option is good or how i should go for Slef with alloy wheel variant.

    Kindly suggest as soon as possible

  84. yashwanth

    Good byke, best for traffic not for long journey

  85. gopi

    my shine bike is stylish and good mileage

  86. gopi gurusai

    hai shine u very nice

  87. Samuels

    I think I will get one in a very short time 🙂

  88. tapas

    its a OK bike…

  89. tapas

    its OK but 5th GEAR is Xtremely Required….

  90. karthi.N

    Honda shine is a very good bike fr city. and is a Nice bike . Any one can buy .. no problems.

  91. Kshitiz Acharya

    Hy, I am from Kathmandu, Nepal. Regarding CB SHINE, I own it and its a great byk. Best pick up and good looking. Regarding vibration, I usually ride at 70-80kmph and sometimes upto 95-100kmph in 6 lane road and I have no complain of vibration. So its a best byk.

  92. vishal dubey

    i purchaced this bike on 1st nov 2013…. Its xlnt bike and no vibration up to 90 kmp………its stylish and xlnt bike

  93. Pp

    Though the bike is good looking in its design and specifications but its gear system which totally tarnished all its performance and appearance! Hard, Jamming, High breaking Sound of Gear System!! Repaired 3 times by Honda Service Station within 6 months of its purchase and still then and there!!!

  94. prashanth

    i want buy cb shine but i dont no the lowest downpayment

  95. shashank

    There are a lot of things about the refreshed Honda CB Shine that just, well, shine. In an effort to make the bike more interesting to the Indian market, Honda decided to give the CB Shine a number of new color choices, including Monsoon Grey Metallic and Force Silver Metallic. On top of that, Honda decided to fit the bike with tubeless tires that complement the six-black crossed wheels.

    More than just handling and aesthetics, the CB Shine also comes with a 125 cc engine that produces 10.12 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and 10.54 Nm of torque at 5,500 rpm. The engine is then complemented by a four-speed transmission with a multiple clutch, providing the kind of technical efficiency that has made it a popular model in India.

    It’s not the kind of powerful bike that will own the road, but it’s lack of menacing stance isn’t considered a hindrance. Rather, the Honda CB Shine’s all-around versatility is the perfect answer for the traffic congested roads of India.

    Honda CB Shine

    Powered by Honda’s revolutionary optimax & Ergotec technologies, the CB Shine is a companion that understands & fulfills the rider’s need to do more in life by delivering superior performance that is nothing short of a dream come true.

    CB Shine is powered by a newly developed 125cc ’Optimax’ engine, which maintains Optimum input for maximum output and incorporates cutting edge technologies to deliver best balance of mileage and pickup. Due to its cutting edge Honda technologies, the 125 cc ’Optimax’ engine delivers class leading 10.3 BHP which enables Shine to deliver the best balance of pickup and mileage.

    CB Shine’s ’Ergo Tec’ Design with lightweight advanced diamond frame and double suspension offers superior absorption of shocks & vibrations thus providing excellent ride comfort & stability. Riding position based on human engineering ensures, less fatigue and firm & wide seating space with comfortable seating posture for pillion rider.

    CB Shine also comes equipped with host of innovative features like puncture resistant Tuff-up tube and Primary Kick/Self start for easier city riding etc.


    Tubeless tires

    New CB Shine has tubeless tires which mean less probability of flat tires on the go. Also available in tuff-up tube (spoke wheels).

    Disc brake(optional)

    CB Shine has front disc which offers superb stopping in all conditions.

    Strong and flexible frame

    CB shine has strong light weight diamond frame. It has strong yet flexible frame which has proven itself on Indian road condition.

    3D emblem

    3D embed gives a distinct class to the bike. It adds premiumness and style to the bike.

    Handle bar weight & mirror design

    CB shine has handle bar weight which dampens vibrations and improves stability of the bike. New age mirror design is mark of excellence in itself.

    Stylish graphics

    New graphic are the styling signature of CB Shine. Color and design of graphics are upto the mature image of the Indian customers.

    Optimax engine

    CB shine has been specially developed for Indian condition. Termed as “OPTIMAX” which means “optimum input for the maximum output, this engine optimizes the fuel input to maximize output. It delivers best balance of mileage and pickup.

    Viscous air filter

    Conventional air filter requires cleaning every 4000kms and replacement every 12000kms but viscous air filter requires no maintenance and replacement even after 15000km. it is maintenance free and economical.

    MF battery

    Maintenance free battery, a newly adopted technology, is maintenance free and leak proof. Battery life of MF battery is more than the conventional battery.

    Striking ergo-tech design

    CB Shine with Ergo tec design providing easy handling and superior riding comfort based on human engineering, the light weight, advanced design diamond frame distributes load evenly to provide stability; while the 3step spring-loaded hydraulic shockers give it superior shock absorbtion capability.

    Grab rail

    CB Shine incorporates body colored grab rail which is distinct in its class.

  96. shashank

    Such a ausom bike this is I m fully satisfied with CB Shine thanks to honda n engg…

  97. deepak

    i brought honda cb shine for myself .but i gave it to mt father.this bike is not for youngsters .this bike needs fifth gear. this bike is weak. top speed is only 90kmph bike vibrates so much after the speed of 70. now i have pulsar 150 its way batter then honda cb shine in all things.

  98. deepak

    i brought honda cb shine for myself .but i gave it to my father.this bike is not for youngsters .this bike needs fifth gear. this bike is weak. top speed is only 90-96kmph bike vibrates so much after the speed of 70. now i have pulsar 150 its way batter then honda cb shine in all things.

  99. anil bhatt

    Is there any one who can tell me that will honda shine come with digital meter please tell me guys coz i m planning to buy it soon

  100. Chang Honda

    No, Honda is not planning to launch CB Shine with Digital Meter or 5th gear. Please ignore such rumors. We request you to ride the bike in 4th gear and the speed should be between 40-50 km/h that will save fuel, you and your bike.

  101. Tanhaji Sathe

    CB Shine Disk Self Start is Booking on 18/01/2015 And his Receiving on 21/03/2015 Godi Padva Shubha Time

  102. ramesh karki from nepal. what i wanted to ask is how much kilometer we can drive safely honda shine in one day? will it harmful for bike for long driving? i wanted to drive around 550 km. can i use this bike? my bike has crossed 11000 km.till tody. what should i do please suggest mee

  103. ramesh karki

    what precaution should be taken for this..please suggest me

  104. zeref

    please do not buy honda shine it vibrants after 45 km speed

  105. imran


  106. Senthil

    Its true after 45km/hr it vibrares. I purchased 1 month back

  107. Chaitanya

    Hi plz don’t buy Honda bikes ‚from 8 months I m trying for spare parts till now I did not get. We I contact spare parts delar they say we did not get any spare parts.Honda Shine125cc red metallic colour ( double red with black colour) cherry colour. The bike realised in 2014 now we are abt to reach 2016 new year no spare parts fr this bikes. For buying bike we have to wait for 9 months & for getting spar parts how many years we have to wait ? We I contact Custom care dept they said due some problem they close dept from 24 DEC 2015 to 03 rd Jan 2016.

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