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Launched in October, 2013.

The HF Deluxe Eco brings out the next level of the HF Deluxe. The bike is purely manufactured for commuter motorcycle riders who really have only little to spend to buy a new bike and have only congested salary package to run family and to refuel up the tank. So, the HF Deluxe is exactly the poor man's choice. And you have great brand value, reliability, good after sales service, and best resale with the machine. Meanwhile, it's comfortable, and powerful enough. What else are you looking from an entry level class bike?

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Price of HF Deluxe ECO
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Good performance and fuel efficiency
Special Features of HF Deluxe ECO
New Engine For Better Performance
Power Start
Trapezoidal Multi Reflector Headlight For Enhanced Visibility
Adjustible Rear Suspension For Added Comfort
Cool 3D Graphics and Knee Grip
Technical Specifications of Hero HF Deluxe ECO
Type Motorcycle
Engine Displacement 97.20 cc
Engine Type Air Cooled 4 Stroke Single Cylinder
Engine Starting Self Start
Ignition DC Digital CDI
Maximum Power 5.74 KW at 7500 RPM
Maximum Torque 0.82 Kg
Battery 12V 3 Ah, Maintenance Free
Frame tubular double cradle chassis
Front Brake Internal expanding shoe type 130mm
Rear Brake Internal expanding shoe type 110mm
Front Suspension Telescopi hydaulic shock absorber

User Reviews of HF Deluxe ECO
I want to know the price of HF Deluxe Eco? Kindly tell me the Delhi price.
By on 10-10-2013
what is the mileage of HF Deluxe Eco?
Will it give more than 80 kmpl. Then I;m ready to purchase it.
By on 10-10-2013
Green colour. A Hero Ninja :D
By on 10-10-2013
I'll buy it if it's price is below Rs. 50,000.
By on 10-10-2013
Hero HF Deluxe Eco Vs Mahindra Centuro
Should I buy Eco or shall I go with the Centuro?
By on 10-10-2013
status ok
By on 15-10-2013
It's colour is so good and attractive, I want to know the mileage, if it is above 80, then whatever the cost, I must purchase.
By on 12-11-2013
When Hero Motocop demanding proudly in public and announced this model next level of HF Deluxe, so should remodel maximum torque, to fuel tank(for attractive look.

Not mentioning Price means violating the rules of Motor Vehicle Act.
By on 22-11-2013
price in parbhani maharastra
By on 27-11-2013
Hero hf eco is a average bike. But his price is not pro pro per. I think its price is near about Rs. 43500 on road. This is the best price of this bike.
By on 06-12-2013
hf deluxe eco is super. it has more advantage, has side stant indicator, and also pappaya like side view mirror. its price is about 53500. contact, 9526302228 for more details
By on 20-12-2013
i want to know the actual rates
By on 27-12-2013
i love this hf delux eco....
i wil buy 2 day it self
By on 11-01-2014
By on 23-01-2014
averege kya hai
By on 23-01-2014
I want this bike in red color
By on 24-01-2014
I want marun red colour HF Delux ECO
By on 30-01-2014
nice bike
By on 03-02-2014
nice bike
By on 06-02-2014
Hate bcoz colour is not better than hf deluxe so other colors would be also there
By on 04-03-2014
koi khas nhi fail
By on 23-03-2014
I baught this bike
By on 27-03-2014
Good liking this bike lovely
By on 15-04-2014
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