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Bajaj Pulsar 400 SS

Complete details of Pulsar 400 SS Motorcycle

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Launched in 2014. Bajaj Pulsar 400 SS is not yet available in India.

SS stands for Super Sport

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4.4/5 (593 votes)
Not Available
Brakes with ABS
Technical Specifications of Bajaj Pulsar 400 SS
Type Motorcycle
Engine Displacement 375.00 cc
Engine Type Four valve, triple spark with fuel injection
Cooling System Liquid cooled
Transmission Six speed
Front Brake
Chassis and Suspension
Wheel Type
Length x Width x Height -- x -- x -- mm
User Reviews of Pulsar 400 SS. Write Your Review
because i love bajaj bikes
By on 06-02-2014
Awesome. Killer looks.
By on 06-02-2014
By on 11-02-2014
hw much it costs
By on 13-02-2014
i like this pulsar 400ss and i am waiting for its release in tamil nadu if its relesed i will be the first to buy the bike in coimbatore
By on 13-02-2014
i like a pulsor 400ss
By on 14-02-2014
By on 14-02-2014
I luv pulsar 400ss because its styling is good & what a speed
By on 15-02-2014
i like this pulsar 400ss and i am waiting for its release in west bengal if its relesed i will be the first to buy the bike in durgapur
By on 15-02-2014
i luv this new pulsar and hw much is cost
By on 24-02-2014
i lv its my new favorate
By on 24-02-2014
Me too.coimbatore want to own own hard earned money only for you babe.
By on 25-02-2014
What price
By on 26-02-2014
By on 27-02-2014
Pulsar. Efficient as it means in its name "shining star which can't be seem"
By on 27-02-2014
i ve ma old pulsar 200 wit me nd next ill buy 400ss bcoz pulsar s alws pulsar king of indian bikes bt m expectng d bhp of minimum 44 plz dnt keep it less than duke 390 keep same nd surely it ill b a revolution of bikes dis year gud job bajaj "defenately a male " go ahead .......
By on 28-02-2014
I am waiting ! ! ! ....
By on 01-03-2014
Waiting for u 400ss
By on 03-03-2014
Road killer drift i think more suspention colour in green more look to attraction
By on 05-03-2014
i will b frst person to buy in nepal hurray
By on 05-03-2014
Because i love sports bikes
By on 07-03-2014
I love pulsar. I'm riding 220. My next target is pulsar400ss l'm waiting for pulsar400ss.
By on 08-03-2014
I really like this bike.May I know that how much is the price?bc0z I want to buy on May.
By on 09-03-2014
I am the fan of pulsar series. My first bike is pulsar 220 and I hope mh 2nd is pulsar 400ss
By on 10-03-2014
400ss the cool nd awesme bike but not much better than HERO HASTUR650
By on 11-03-2014
Bajaj is my best bike now bajaj is doing good work because iam also speed fans n iam waiting for new pulsar 400ss lets see price depends on you .By pempa lepcha from sikkim Gangtok.
By on 18-03-2014
I like this bike bajaj is my one of the best bike bajaj doing good works n pulsar 400ss Dhoom on road but everyone depends on pempa lepcha
By on 18-03-2014
i love pulsar bike because it gives instant pick up not like other bikes but this one 400 ss wow looks stunning IL have this one also
By on 23-03-2014
I m waiting why to launch in mumbai
By on 27-03-2014
I love it ..jaldi lao ise yaaar....
By on 14-04-2014
400 ss so hot and sexy i like & wait for only lounching in jaipur
By on 15-04-2014
I like pulsar 400
By on 16-04-2014
By on 25-04-2014
By on 25-04-2014
I love pulser 400ss
By on 29-04-2014
i like sssssoooooooo much
By on 29-04-2014
when will 400ss will laugh in kerala
By on 01-05-2014
Aug 14 im waiting 4 u 400ss
By on 02-05-2014
Releasing in aug I'm waiting ss400
By on 02-05-2014
love u pulsar 400ss
By on 02-05-2014
I am waiting don't miss it
By on 02-05-2014
waiting for its launch...........
By on 04-05-2014
By on 05-05-2014
i like it so
By on 07-05-2014
By on 09-05-2014
By raavi on 07-05-2014
By on 09-05-2014
Its Pulsar World "UNBEATABLE"
By on 18-05-2014
What will be the on road price in chennai , Releasing when?
By on 23-05-2014
I like its speed



By on 23-05-2014
When is the release of this bike ???? I m waiting
By on 25-05-2014
I love pulsar 4ooSS
By on 26-05-2014
i jus luv pulsar becoz i have 220
By on 26-05-2014
awesome please recommend Kerala
By on 27-05-2014
When it going to be launch.. I m eagerly waiting for..
I recommend form Pondicherry..
By on 30-05-2014
beauty come beast
By on 02-06-2014
Pulsar is very bad pickup & mileage. TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS ok...
By on 02-06-2014
By on 03-06-2014
this bike is going to be the worlds best bike
By on 03-06-2014
Im riding 200ns but waiting for 400ss
By on 06-06-2014
I love pulsar 400. Im waiting to launch in allahabad
By on 07-06-2014
when the hell is this bike launching in mumbai
n this bike may look more cool n killing looks in black, navy blue n red colour
By on 09-06-2014
when ds ll launch in india n wts d expected price of 400ss
By on 12-06-2014
I love pulsar 400ss. I'm waiting to Mumbai and expected price
By on 12-06-2014
Waiting for its launch in chennai once launched il buy it and keep my 220 and pulsar 400 ss together
By on 13-06-2014
Ma dreaam bike was pulsar 400 ss wat is d cost of d bke n wats d average of d bke plzzz let me know
By on 16-06-2014
I always play race.I have a 220.and next time I play 400.
By on 20-06-2014
i am waiting & i like pulsar 400ss
By on 20-06-2014
I love this bike
By on 21-06-2014
Bajaj pulser is a real racer bike. ...i have pulsar 150. & all pulsars are like this....
I love Pulsar....
By on 21-06-2014
I am the regular customer of bajaj pular bike because it has it's own class it provide comfort, power & sexy looks .
By on 21-06-2014

By on 23-06-2014
i am waiting & i like pulsar 400ss
By on 23-06-2014
Whats the milage of this buiety
By on 23-06-2014
pulsar ka baab pulsar400ss
By on 26-06-2014
pulsar400 like it very much style and speed I luv u pulsar ... I ve a pulsar 180..
By on 26-06-2014
How much cost 400 ss
By on 28-06-2014
I love 400 ss and I have an already pulsar 220....I want to be mine top cc bike
By on 28-06-2014
Waiting for his mass entry....
By on 01-07-2014
I love 400 ss and I have an already pulsar 200....I want to be mine top cc bike
By on 02-07-2014
I'm wating I
By on 03-07-2014
Super bikeeeeeeeeeeeeee
By on 03-07-2014
pulsur is a dashing bike i m using 220 gr8 riding expnc.
By on 04-07-2014
It looks so sexy .....yaar n its firing is uuuummmmmaaahhhhh
By on 05-07-2014
Whts d average of dis bike
Its d killing machine
Going to purchase it
By on 05-07-2014
i love this bike really. the launching date is good i can earn money faster to buy this cool gots everything excellent 10/10 bike. :D
By on 06-07-2014
I love performing stunts on bikes and pulsar is good for stunts i am waiting for pulsar 400
By on 06-07-2014
cheaper costs & sexy looks
By on 08-07-2014
reyale it's asam bike wata shap wata look im reyale fida this bike so ple lanch quickly im 1st byer of the mysore city it's my ame my number 9845009845
By on 08-07-2014
its three sparks injecter bike so its amesssing
By on 09-07-2014
I love pulsar bikes ...... it is one of the best bike in the world ....... bajaj bikes are awesome
By on 09-07-2014
By on 10-07-2014
Im waiting this bike
By on 11-07-2014
Super bike 400ss top speed 155kmp
By on 11-07-2014
when it will laounch
By on 13-07-2014
I am very glad to but this Bajaj Pulsar 400 ss along with a TVS draken x21 250
By on 14-07-2014
rapchik h boss
By on 16-07-2014
I Am waiting for ride
By on 16-07-2014
lunch date
By on 16-07-2014
I too love this bike and all its specifications....but the tail lamp design is not so appealing and also it doesn't have a passenger backrest....else everything is just awesome....gonna buy this bike definitely!!!!
By on 18-07-2014
Damn. beastttttt
By on 19-07-2014
please relage fast i love this bike please
By on 19-07-2014
By on 21-07-2014
I love pulsar 400ss
By on 21-07-2014
I Love dis bike as soon as possible release before december2014 .,bcz i gonna buy dis bike.,nd pls release the launching date nd exact price
By on 21-07-2014
Oh man awesome. Finally bajaj has made a real bike. ..
By on 22-07-2014
I like the model of pulsar 400 SS very much....
By on 24-07-2014
Ilik its killer sexy look.& powerful body.
By on 25-07-2014
dear its a first sporty bike in india but as per discused with dealer till now to 2015 not lounching in india sad this is a only for showing bike in aouto expo
By on 25-07-2014
By on 26-07-2014
I love pulsar 400ss. I'm waiting to Mumbai and expected price
By on 29-07-2014
i like someone
By on 29-07-2014
it was amesing and mind bloaing
By on 31-07-2014
i like it.
By on 02-08-2014
awesom babay.....Come on hurry up....i'm waiting
By on 02-08-2014
what a sexy bike
By on 02-08-2014
wow I love its killer look ... and its cc also...
but wht about mileage?
By on 04-08-2014
I luv pulsure
By on 06-08-2014
i like pulsar
By on 08-08-2014
It looks good but it is really a super sport or waste like other bajaj products??
By on 08-08-2014
iam really shocked in the new arrival of pulsar 400. I am 16 year old,only 2year to purchase a bike . I have a requset to the company of baja to reduce the price of pulser 400 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Becuase i want to buy this.
By on 08-08-2014
By on 08-08-2014
i love pulsar
By on 09-08-2014
Waiting 4m 1year
By on 10-08-2014
I love it...its front look is awsome..
By on 10-08-2014
I love ss400 supper and looking very good
By on 12-08-2014
I want to ask friends when it will b come in INDIA
By on 12-08-2014
I love SS400 and it have super look and when it is releasing in bangalore
By on 13-08-2014
I love this baiks bajaj pulsar 400,ss butifull luk,
By on 13-08-2014
I like this bike. Plz lunch this bike as soon as possible...........................
By on 14-08-2014
I like the pulsar 400ss.
By on 14-08-2014
By on 14-08-2014
I love performing stunts on bikes and pulsar is good for stunts i am waiting for pulsar 400
By on 17-08-2014
i m waiting for pulsar 400.plz launched hurry
By on 18-08-2014
ilike bajaj bikes. and i want pulser 400
By on 18-08-2014
I love dis bike with abs technologey nd his die harrd tech...and spec ....
Its my dream to buy this ....
Plz tell the release date in tamilnadu.....
By on 19-08-2014
I Just waiting on the door
By on 19-08-2014
love the shape and its speed
By on 21-08-2014
i m still junior but my dream bike is 400ss
By on 22-08-2014
nice bike i have pulsar 150 and 220next i will buy pulsar 400cc.its look hot.
By on 24-08-2014
My favorite bike is 220f but im going to change it by 400ss.
By on 24-08-2014
I like this bike because looked is very nice.and very beautiful design with very very like that.
By on 24-08-2014
I Like Pulsar SS400 & CS400 375cc Bike
By on 25-08-2014
i was a fan of kawasaki ninja 300. but after seeing the palsar 400ss. i have become a huge and crazy fan of it. it's awesome design stole my heart. if i buy any motorbike then it will be my one and only choice
By on 26-08-2014
my fvrt bike is pulsar n my dream is to buy pulsar 400ss
By on 26-08-2014
awesome bike iwanna ride it...whenr they launchig in india......????
By on 27-08-2014
i am waitingg fr itt .... i surelyy bought itt
By on 27-08-2014
Please launch it as soon as possible....
By on 28-08-2014
Please launch it soon i am waiting fr ITT please
By on 29-08-2014
Pulser400ss more 400cc good ,but power more.
By on 31-08-2014
Looking very good and grt match for our generation.
By on 31-08-2014
Till waiting to buy it at Chennai.because i was apulsar fan
By on 01-09-2014
Bajaj technique..... really rocks the autoexpo 2014.... eyes just waiting for the updated info of ss400... if launched in india till 2015 then i will be the first customer.. Amazing super sportsbike..
By on 01-09-2014
i love pulsar n expecting more for this vehicle ss 400 im alwya darling for pulsar my fav bajaj bikes plsssssssssssssss launch as soon all my friends n me waiting for this bike
By on 01-09-2014
By on 02-09-2014
Plz launch it as soon as possible
By on 02-09-2014
Isko jaldi launch karo yaar. Mujhe lena hai yeh iss September mein launch kardo isko
By on 03-09-2014
Nice bike the bike is in my heart please launch january in india and I pray to god to bajaj to sell more bike
By on 03-09-2014
As soon as I take it....I Luv Pulsar
By on 04-09-2014
nice bike i like thi bike.
By on 05-09-2014
Fuel injection back in Bajaj 👍
By on 06-09-2014
I love this Bike! I am writing from Argentina and the ns 200 it's going to be my first bike, this have to be te second. . But probably come to my country many years later..
By on 07-09-2014
I am still waiting for pulsar 400 ss
By on 08-09-2014
I am desperate to know the topspeed of pulsar 400 ss
By on 09-09-2014
Fab yr....D is bike awesome....n looks too gud...n speed we al knw....fadu ..
By on 09-09-2014
By on 09-09-2014
I love this bike....& I love u bajaj
By on 13-09-2014
we want 2 know exact launch date
By on 13-09-2014
Pulsar is back......
By on 13-09-2014
Pulsar 400ss world super bike i will take when release in india when release date tell fast please
By on 13-09-2014
M w8ing when it'll be launch....
Dis byk is my dream i wanted 2 buy dis 1 i cn w8 till jan 2015 bt i request 2 bajaj cmpny plzzz launch it soon
By on 13-09-2014
Stylish and awesome. Please launch n chennai soon
By on 14-09-2014
launch date?
By on 15-09-2014
I love Bikes toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
By on 15-09-2014
i like pulsar bikes becouse pulser sexy impresiv and fast speed very stong
By on 16-09-2014
BAAP off alll bikes is coming soon ....THE YAMAHA R25 .....i lv yaaaammmaaahaaaa ...
By on 17-09-2014
Its the waste bike i have ever seen just there now to copy from ktm
By on 17-09-2014
Pulsar 400ss very beautiful nice look
By on 18-09-2014
Because of its low cost and high performance
By on 18-09-2014
I love the look cos bajaj has a best design I am just waiting for its launch N I il b the first book wit in Banglore
By on 19-09-2014
my dream
By on 19-09-2014
Bike was super wats its mileage
By on 20-09-2014
anyone kindly say when its avaliable in tamilnadu showroom, is it booking is going now. my area showroom manager not responding me ...
By on 20-09-2014
yar for god sake tell the date
By on 20-09-2014
Killer look I love this bike
By on 20-09-2014
plz launched hurry,i am waiting
By on 21-09-2014
Please launch dis bike early ....
M eagerly waiting for d bike...
Please tell me d original launching date.......
By on 22-09-2014
How much gaires r in pulsar 400ss..
By on 23-09-2014
nw iam having pulsar 180 ....i was planing to buy 400ss white colour its awesome but pulsar have to give 44bhp @ 10000rpm the rc duke 390 is 43bhp @ 9000 rpm ......
By on 23-09-2014
Please launch dis bike early ....
M eagerly waiting for d bike...
Please tell me d original launching date.......
By on 24-09-2014
When pulsar available in Mumbai.....
By on 26-09-2014
when available in gujjarat i m waiting
By on 26-09-2014
when it will be launch in India....
By on 27-09-2014
I am waithing pulsar 400ss to have u in my so so so good bike and very stylist
By on 29-09-2014
Waiting for pulsar400ss.....
By on 29-09-2014
Waiting for Your launch in Nepal
By on 29-09-2014
I love pulses 400ss bhovi
By on 30-09-2014
M lvng this bike
By on 30-09-2014
when is the release date
By on 01-10-2014
super my bajaj bike "wait for u"...!
By on 02-10-2014
i am like qekly delivered 400ss
By on 02-10-2014
By on 03-10-2014
super bike
By on 04-10-2014
When it was release
By on 05-10-2014
Super bike.
By on 06-10-2014
I'm a pulsar fan my first bike is 180,,and now I'm riding 200ns and I'm waiting for this killer please launch fast in bangalore
By on 06-10-2014
waiting eagerly for 400 ss to be launched in india
By on 06-10-2014
As pulsar most stylish n sexy bike 400ss ..i am waiting for it release.
By on 07-10-2014
eagerly waiting since a year
By on 07-10-2014
eagerly waiting foe the dae pulsar 400 ss ma favorate bike of the year
By on 08-10-2014
I don't have a good experience with bajaj bikes...and pulsar 400......well a good strategy to fool people.....go for ktm's or kawasaki's and you would live happily with your bike.....go for that pulsar.....and curse yourself after a month for wasting 2lakhs.....
By on 09-10-2014
i love this bke
By on 14-10-2014
from the 150cc to 400cc pulsar is the most selling bike in india and it has its unique fansss.... killer looksssss and amazing fun to ride it.... it may be kawasaaki or any ktm but indian is indian.... and low maintenance bajaj.
By on 15-10-2014
Bhut dino se intjar tha sporty look racing bike ka.... Bajaj walo ne aaj pura krdiya... Thank u Bajaj...
By on 16-10-2014
Awesome Bike....killer look....


I love....zummmmmmmmmmzummmmmmmmm
Eagerly waiting.....
By on 17-10-2014
its the best
By on 18-10-2014
Mere Sapno Ki Pulsar Kab Aayegi Tu... Chali Aa Tu Chali Aa...
Awesome bike I hve 220f pulsar next I will buy new 400ss pulsar.... Bole to 1 dam faaaaaduuuu..I m waiting
By on 18-10-2014
i am a big fan of pulsars.......and among all pulsars....i like this bitch very much.....because of her hot ass......and totally it looks word for pulsar 400 ss.....THE BEAST....
By on 19-10-2014
I'm waiting.....pulsar rocking dude..... :)
By on 20-10-2014
By on 20-10-2014
Awasome ha!!!! I like pulsar .because I had old 180 cc pulser,
Now I m using 200 cc. I feel very much thrill on thus bike..
I love it.. she is with me in every situation. .
And the new one is of course best in its class .
Just let us know launching date.
By on 22-10-2014
Definitely male.......

Do u remember old add.....
By on 22-10-2014
By on 23-10-2014
By on 23-10-2014
I love all pulsars models. And pulsar 400 is looking so hot
By on 23-10-2014
because i like crazyness
By on 25-10-2014
Awesome Bike ... looking sexy ... pulsar 400ss ... :x
By on 26-10-2014
By on 26-10-2014
Does it come in black
By on 26-10-2014
It's awesome I m waiting for this
By on 27-10-2014
May i know when you are going to introduce this bike in Srilanka
By on 28-10-2014
i was using pulzar 150 than 220 than 200ns and today i waiting for 400ss
By on 28-10-2014
By on 30-10-2014
Bengaluru karnataka
By on 30-10-2014
I like very mach this bike
By on 30-10-2014
I Love Pulsar......
I am waiting 4 400ss
By on 03-11-2014
Awesome bikes........nd.....indias bajaj.....awesome power...
By on 03-11-2014
I want to buy this bike cozz its quiet intersting to hav a such bike in my home i want to know its exact realease date
By on 04-11-2014
Impressive nice design totally sporty..
But I luv my royal Enfield classic chrome
By on 04-11-2014
Its so cool bike .... I m so exited.... Ride for this bike .....
By on 08-11-2014
this bike like a my dream bike .. so m so excited to it.. i can't wait for it.. :*
By on 08-11-2014
i like pulsar400ss .i am wating for this.
By on 12-11-2014
This is an awesome bike and the price is very less as per the confrigations so i would like to have this bike
By on 16-11-2014
I like pulsar 400 im waiting for releasing in kerala its super bike
By on 18-11-2014
I like this bike im waiting for this .sooooooooooooooogoooood.
By on 19-11-2014
Bajaj Pulsar 400SS.,
By on 20-11-2014
i love pulsar's all sports bikes love u yarrrrr.!
By on 21-11-2014
I like this bike so much I m excited for riding it rkdam super fast on road
I like this bike so much
What conditions and all features it have?
Please inform me
By on 23-11-2014
Release the pulsar SS400 in tamilnadu soon in all of your company showrooms...
By on 25-11-2014
I m wailtting from west Bengal to launch it.its heart killing style and speed r fabulous.
By on 26-11-2014
super bike...............
By on 26-11-2014
मेरे को ये बाइक बहुत पसंद हैं भारत में आते ही लुगा। इंतजार कर रहा हूँ कब ये बाजार में उतरे और मैं खरीदू।
By on 29-11-2014
I love pulsar 😍
By on 30-11-2014
i love pulsar its amazing ride than any other bike ekdum tod bike hai ...
By on 02-12-2014
I like pulsar 400 and I'm buy this bike
By on 02-12-2014
pls release quickllypls pls pls and plsssssssssssssss..............
By on 05-12-2014
I love bajaj company. Because in my life pular & avenger is my bike.i very. Much. Loved pulsar 400ss
By on 06-12-2014
By on 09-12-2014
philippines likes this kind of bajaj bike,hopefully 2015 is the year of 400 ss in philippines.
By on 09-12-2014
By on 10-12-2014
I like its style and speed
By on 10-12-2014
Sabse bakvss bike hai
By on 11-12-2014
I love pulser. My present bike his 200NS.& my next target is pulser 400 ss
By on 11-12-2014
super bike pulsar 400ss i have ktm duke 200 now but i will buy pulsar 400 ss because its sooo cool bike.
By on 12-12-2014
i luv all the pulsar bikes,best bikes of bajaj in india.
By on 13-12-2014
I just planed for ninja 300 but after launcing this bike I will get it. I already own an pulsar 150 its ok for indian roads ....
By on 14-12-2014
How much pulsar400 ss
By on 15-12-2014
I love this bike
By on 17-12-2014
When is this bike releasing 😈😉😉
By on 19-12-2014
I buy 220 4months ago bt like to buy 400 ss bcoz both bike its like a ghost rider when i sit on my 220 monster i feel like a ghost rider Bt nw i m wait 4 sit to new dragon 400ss
By on 20-12-2014
Awsome bike....Cant wait to buy
By on 22-12-2014
Plzzzz launch pulsar 400 ss in india now
By on 24-12-2014
I love bike 400 lover
By on 27-12-2014
i love thiz bike......
By on 28-12-2014
Wow kya bike hai yeh toh mera personality bana diya.
By on 30-12-2014
i like this bike because the bike killer look
By on 31-12-2014
i m riding 390 duke ktm but 400ss looking all most febuls
By on 31-12-2014
waiting for the lounch of the bike
By on 31-12-2014
Killer look of bike wid awesome speed given to it i hve really loved it........
By on 02-01-2015
bad .it do not have average
By on 03-01-2015
By on 04-01-2015
i love pulsar
By on 09-01-2015
i want 2 gift my boyfriend
By on 09-01-2015
I like this......
By on 12-01-2015
Hey, Bajaj team plz launch d 400ss soon in d market so that I can buy.
By on 12-01-2015
i like ss400...nice look..
By on 12-01-2015
super I love it......
By on 19-01-2015
Pulsar ss400is awesome,love it .......
By on 21-01-2015
pulsar..such a nice byk budy :) I m big fan of pulsar !!
By on 21-01-2015
Im fan of pulsar bike .i love pulsar 400 ss . i have now pulsar 220 now im going to buy 400 when it will be launched
By on 24-01-2015
i love pulser 400ss
By on 25-01-2015
i m wating ....400cc
By on 29-01-2015
i love pulsar my life is pulsar
By on 05-02-2015
it is very highest more the in pulser 400ss in suspensar in green uply to pulser
By on 06-02-2015
Crime look yarr awesome I need it
By on 10-02-2015
I love this bike when this bikes comes in showroom say me i will buy on that time only on cash on road ok thanks
By on 10-02-2015
I like pulsar
By on 12-02-2015
I like pulsar 400 ss. But more colours black, black&white
By on 14-02-2015
i like this bike his model, his pickup, eye look.
By on 22-02-2015
I luv pulsar 400, plz notify me when launched...
By on 27-02-2015
I am ready to buy but please make it more expensive I need more performance especially more horsepower
By on 27-02-2015
I am waiting for it and it's just like a bike camed out from science fiction
By on 28-02-2015
Guyz 390 duke ke aage kuch nhi h.
koi le to race ke liye tayar hu anytime..
By on 04-03-2015
If it is released in rtc complex I'm the first one to buy it.
By on 08-03-2015
super bike in world
By on 12-03-2015
can somebody give its detail specifications(400 ss)
By on 13-03-2015
India number one sports bike
By on 13-03-2015
I love pulsar400
By on 17-03-2015
when the hell its going to Launch in INDIA
By on 18-03-2015
I want to purchase pulsar 400 ss lovely bike
By on 19-03-2015
hi guys ss400 bike soo good
By on 23-03-2015
what a vehicle
By on 27-03-2015
By on 27-03-2015
I love u pulsar I love u sooooo much..u locking soooo beautiful...I waiting for u .....
By on 28-03-2015
looking good. when come in nepal.
By on 29-03-2015
I will the first one to buy it
By on 31-03-2015
I like drive better than other bikes
By on 04-04-2015
Hamara bajaj. Good n comfort bikes.
im riding new pulsar 220 .
By on 06-04-2015
iam rider of pulsar cs400 .this bike is waste of money
By on 14-04-2015
it lokkkkkk classsssi
By on 16-04-2015
looking good.........i will the first one to buy it..........i love speed.......fantastic luk superb speed i love this bike.........jammu main kab launch hoga
By on 19-04-2015
177 Kmph of pulsar 400 ss around 44 bhp means 147 kg of force energy imaging the power
By on 19-04-2015
Nice us the horrore lokkkkee ek no....
By on 20-04-2015
How is it possible that both system are available in the bike..( fuel injection system & Spark plug)
By on 20-04-2015
I'm in love with pulsar 400ss. To ride. I want to buy latest model of pulsar. Now it has came. but not in india. when it will be launched in hyderabad.
By on 22-04-2015
I love pulsar so much But this ss400 model is very ossam ossam I wat ride this bike very soon when it will be launched in Hyderabad but this model is very ossam for engeeners hands off
By on 23-04-2015
Need better than KTM duke 390
By on 24-04-2015
Pls send me the specifications of 400ss with launch date in punjab and mileage as soon as possible.....
By on 25-04-2015
so bad
By on 27-04-2015
i lov pulsar
By on 30-04-2015
This is awesome bike .he broke the all speed bike. I like this
By on 02-05-2015
Wow killer luk
By on 02-05-2015
I am waiting for 400ss to launch it look like a monster
By on 04-05-2015
I love pulsar 400
By on 04-05-2015
I love the pulsar look (NO.1)
By on 06-05-2015
let the price be more than 3lakhs bcoz its the name of bajaj pulsar just i will count the money by telling name pulsar loving you sooooooonnnnn
but the price should be expensive bcoz it should maintain standard of pulsar 400sss
By on 11-05-2015
I love 400 ss i will buy it.i like to drive pulsar bike. I am having pulsar 150cc i like to drive daily if im not having any work
By on 14-05-2015
How much mileage it's give ?
By on 19-05-2015
Luv luv luv dis bike its gorgeous
By on 19-05-2015
By on 19-05-2015
Am waiting 4 launch
By on 23-05-2015
Am waiting this bike
By on 01-06-2015
I like this
By on 02-06-2015
My passion is bike stunt so i like this
By on 02-06-2015
By on 07-06-2015
Not a review... i would like to know whether bajaj has a plan to launch thos model in India and if yes is the answer i love to know when will it be launched. And like to know the price in India especially in Tribandrum kerala.
By on 07-06-2015
I love Bajaj India's no bike
By on 17-06-2015
i just love it what a bike
By on 18-06-2015
I love pulsar so much ..... i lv its speed
By on 19-06-2015
faddu bike 1 no bahiyoo
By on 19-06-2015
Me to
By on 24-06-2015
i loVE tHi$ biKE####
By on 24-06-2015
I love this bike
By on 28-06-2015
Killer one. Im really a fan of this bike
By on 04-07-2015
Superrrrrr machhi
By on 06-07-2015
Please tell me bajaj pulsare 400 ss s mileage
By on 08-07-2015
nice look
By on 12-07-2015
Nic bike 🚲 400ss pulsars
By on 13-07-2015
Pulsar 400 is nice bike i like this bike
By on 18-07-2015
I love pulsar 400ss I waiting lunching in India pulsar 400ss
By on 19-07-2015
I love pulsar 400 please send me lunching details
By on 19-07-2015
Whats the mileage of pulsar 400ss its look is great and what its price in india yar.
i think yamaha lauches this bike the the suzuki gixxer sf
suzuki gixxer is in good looks its mileage and its price is bst yar.
lets see what the price,milage of pulsar 400ss against suzuki sf
By on 26-07-2015
Waiting for u ss
Love it
Hope its launched in india soon
By on 07-08-2015
My febrite bike pulsar is love
By on 10-08-2015
My dream bike
By on 26-08-2015
I love 400ss but colour is not good
By on 28-08-2015
By on 11-09-2015
I love pulsar bike bcs speed is more gud i heave pulsar 150 still gud contion.....
By on 18-09-2015
By on 22-09-2015
By on 23-09-2015
It is just like pulsar 200 rs
By on 17-10-2015
My first love.Want to hire but ....
By on 18-10-2015
i like it because its speed
By on 20-10-2015
I like its speed and good in look and very comfortable
By on 21-10-2015
one of d best launches of bajaj.
By on 25-10-2015
May be SS 400 is gonna launch Next month in November. By the end of the mOnth. If not, then sure In January.
By on 30-10-2015
Bajaj takes tooooo much time to launch its new Product. When it's launching.
By on 02-11-2015
killer bike
By on 10-11-2015
Im waiting for pulsar 400ss here in the philippines
I used to drive ns200 and its so powerful and quick pick-up.. I love bajaj...
By on 12-11-2015
I waiting pulsar 400ss
By on 04-12-2015
the coolest bike in the world
I like it verry much
By on 07-12-2015
I am bucking bick 400ss
Mob numbr 9860478041
By on 15-12-2015
Iam waiting for the launch of pulsar400ss in tamilnadu
By on 02-01-2016
Milleage problem
Is it gud sport bike.. i like it..
By on 01-02-2016
By on 16-02-2016
Jaldhi bike luanch karo jarurat he
By on 29-02-2016
Better than previous versions
and this series will give much speed due to having 6 Gears
By on 11-03-2016
i like ss400 bike so much
By on 18-04-2016
I love SS 400, it is very excellent design
By on 20-04-2016
Cuando llegara esta moto a colombiano. Específicamente a medellin antioquia pulsar 400 y su valor
By on 14-05-2016
Road king pulsar

Road king pulsar
By on 17-05-2016
Super bike good look im just love pulsar bikes bcz im die heart fan of pulsar bikes pls realise update new bike with new models excellent bike with low cost
By on 20-05-2016
My super lovely lovely sorry bike.
By on 14-06-2016
Tell us why you love or hate Pulsar 400 SS
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