Hero Maestro actual milleage per liter ?

Please tell me original milleage per liter of hero maestro

Asked by Siladityabhattacharya on 09-06-2012

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You can expect 45-50kmpl

Answered by Jose Gonsalo Garshya on 11-06-2012

ho hm superb i think its 60 right but

Answered by Mac on 13-06-2012

its too cool to ride, before first sevicing it gave 38 kmpl. but its too comport

Answered by Pradeep on 23-06-2012

milege is 45-5o

Answered by Somil Jain on 02-07-2012

hero maestro may be a little expensive than other ones in its segment but offers great mileage after the 2nd and 3rd service .... around 52-60 kmpl in city ..... but it aint a very very good choice for power lovers like activa and access .. but it rocks !!!!!!!!!!

Answered by Rayed on 06-07-2012

i think so near about 55/liter

Answered by Jahangir Shaikh on 11-07-2012


Answered by Vikas on 31-07-2012

It gives 57.06 kmpl

Answered by Suraj on 03-08-2012


Answered by Swapnil on 06-08-2012


Answered by Hadi on 06-08-2012

There is no right answer. What is that after 2nd oand 3rd serviceing it gives 55 to 60 KM. Lol.................. poor performance but good looking.

Answered by Vikas Hero on 07-08-2012

yaar main ka bataoo ma to hoo hi nahi is duniaya ka tum hi din chade tumhi din dhale tum hi ho bandhu sakha tum hi ho

Answered by Aman on 11-08-2012

125 km/pl

Answered by Alooo on 11-08-2012

after 1st servicing running 37 kmpl

Answered by Tarak on 11-08-2012

i check its exact 38.4

Answered by Hammad Khan on 11-08-2012

i dont know but i will try

Answered by Subash.gunnepalli on 12-08-2012

13 kmpl

Answered by Aman on 12-08-2012

i think its about 38-45

Answered by Nitin on 12-08-2012

what is the orginal milage of hero maestro pls tell

Answered by Sujirh Antony on 09-09-2012


Answered by Baiju G S on 12-09-2012


Answered by Arvind Kumar on 14-09-2012

35 kmpl bakwas scootery

Answered by Rajinder on 18-09-2012


Answered by Dheeraj on 22-09-2012

53kmpl.. nice bike, solid competitor fo other bykes.
mileage improves with services.

Answered by Shashank on 28-09-2012

Exactly 45-50kmpl

Answered by Surya on 16-10-2012

55-60 KMPL

Answered by Rajesh Kumbhar on 19-10-2012


Answered by Aditya Mahajan on 21-10-2012

first ser 39-42

Answered by Vaheed on 06-11-2012


Answered by Sanjay Kamboj on 08-11-2012

fix 50-55

Answered by Virendra Huparikar on 27-11-2012

40 average my marstro gave

Answered by Muhibbul on 31-12-2012

I want to knw which one is better Activa or Maestro

Answered by Ankita on 01-01-2013

superb bike

Answered by Vishalbhau on 04-01-2013

plz tell mi Maserto mileage

Answered by Vishnu Khedkar on 16-01-2013

pata nahi abhi yal mili hi nahi

Answered by Jain on 18-01-2013

I MEASURED IT APPROX. 60 to 65 KMPL IN CITY and highway its gave 72 KMPL

Answered by Abhishek Mishra on 26-01-2013

Badi Hi Faltu Gaddi hai , iska kewal look hi aacha hai baki sab faltu hai saala 30 KMPL se bhi kum mileadge deta hai

Answered by Radhudev Singh on 26-01-2013

my maestro .gives 56 km/ltr

Answered by Rohith Chandran on 16-02-2013

it gives gr8 mileage and stylish lukin

Answered by Man on 19-02-2013

Should I take maestro or not ....plzz anybody can tell me the mileage

Answered by Mehul on 24-02-2013


Answered by Jagan R on 09-04-2013

It's's real

Answered by Rahees on 09-04-2013

After First Service 45-50 Kmpl, With two Passanger.

Answered by Lalit Rajpoot on 11-04-2013

it is amazing now it is giving 55 kms/lts

Answered by Khan on 30-04-2013

Before first service it is giving 43 kmpl

Answered by Arpit Sharma on 20-06-2013

before service 50kmpl after service 22kmpl and 25kmpl

Answered by Jeetendra Pal Singh on 08-09-2013

45 kmpl after second service

Answered by Sagar on 23-02-2014

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